Plz help with lost account and progrese

I lost my account, dut to bad connection had to delete and reinstall the game! But when I log on with the same account and ID the game starts from the the beginning and this the third time happening to me… Not to mention hefty amount of money spent and of course painful grinding! Id like help plz! Last time had to start from scratch! Been loyal to this game and ld like Devs appreciate and solve this for me! SH 15!LVEL 27 PLAYING!

This sounds like something you need to contact support for. Here’s instructions on how to do that:

EDIT: looks like you’ve already done that:

So all you can do now is wait. Good luck!


Ok unload and reinstall game. Make a NEW id and all.When you get past the new tutorial click on the options, then sign OUT. Now click sign in and new user then put ur old id in there it should take you right to it

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Did anything work???

I did send support ticket! I did but… Cannot gain my progress! Thanks for your help.this is a disappointing issue for many players, which they just had to quit the game after time and money investment! SGG must pay more attention and solve these damaging bugs! It’s the case for me too, if they don’t fix then against my wish have to say bye to this game!

did u uninstall and try my way???

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