Plz Help. Which Five 5* Heroes to max?

So some things that I am prioritizing are Raids > Titans.
Defense is not relevant, I’m near diamond tier atm so I’m hoping whoever gets maxed will keep me near 2400 cups.

Victor is maxed, Inari is tier4. Planning on maxing QoH and Kage.

Leaves me three to choose from (possibly four if I get another tome)

Lianna/Evelyn , Arthur and Zim/ Mitsuko to have Sakura bonus?

Onatel or Kunchen?

It’s a long-term planning and can change depending on next week’s pulls but I guess immediately do I max Arthur?


I would strongly advise waiting to max Arthur. There are two important blue heroes coming out soon, Ariel (Atlantis) and Frida (HOTM for March).

If you draw one of them, it will likely be to your advantage to max them instead of Arthur.

My preference between Evelyn/Lianna would be for Lianna. Evelyn will still be an effective green debuffer at 3/70. But Lianna really needs to be 4/80 to reach full potential as a killing machine.

I would probably prefer Zim to Mitsuko because of how useful fast cleanse is against all those GM you’ll face in raids. But there’s not really a “wrong” choice between those two.

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For raids i recommend Kage…he’s brutal :grin:

GAHH i want to know more about March!

Thanks, those are the two I’m hoping to pull so Arthur has been sitting on 3/70.


Try here. It’s a good synopsis:


Queen of Hearts. I was lucky and snagged her too. She is gonna b one of the toughest players u will have for people to take out. Keep an eye on the materials it takes too to ascend all the way. I can tell u I have a great collection of purple and am sitting on 2 waiting for orbs and potion

QFT. I came here to say the exact same thing.

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I run Eve/Lianna both at 3/70 and can kill most anyone :).

Thanks, here’s what I’m considering for defense.

Kage Evelyn QoH Lianna Inari (4th tier already). So max these four and save last mats for possibly Atlantis 5* if I get lucky.

QoH isn’t best for tank but in short term, I’d protect her with my green ladies.

I’m not fond of double green flanks on a red tank.

Yes, it does make things harder if you use a blue stack for the tank as the attacker.

But a smart attacker won’t — they’ll use a red stack, which will tear through both Evelyn and Lianna, while being neutral on Queen of Hearts.

So you effectively give an attacker the option of being strong on two of your core 3 center heroes, and neutral on the other. That’s actually more of an advantage than being strong on one, and neutral or weak on the other two.

Evelyn and Lianna on defense together can be smart, since they have excellent synergies. I’d just personally prefer to see them separated by more than one hero between them.

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@reset_Z thanks!!! How about below? I should be able to get all the lvl10 troops to lvl11. Kage should be able to fire on 6 tiles with Inari in the lineup. Eve will keep Lianna’s spot warm.

I’d say same as above, but yellow instead of red. The only benefit of that arrangement is that there aren’t as many strong yellow hitters as red.

Matched color flanks really only make sense when the tank is purple or yellow, and the flanks are the opposite. That works because yellow and purple are weak against themselves, so someone stacking against either the tank or flanks will suffer some penalty.

BTW I’m @zephyr1, there’s someone else without the 1 who’s been inactive for a super long time. :slight_smile:

Lol, ok thanks again, glad you knew I meant @zephyr1

OK, I’ll do some more tinkering.

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Llianna clean fast kill. Rinse & repeat

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