Plz help, war defense red tank

Please help, alliance going red tank.

Only fire heroes I can use are marjana 3/70 or falcon 3/60.

Currently I have Victor, lixui, kiril, rigard, marjana. Keep this and not do red tank?

Do I go Victor, kiril, falcon, rigard, marjana?

Or Victor, kiril, marjana, rigard, falcon (or lixui)?

Bump, only have a few hours to set my defense, hope great minds will advise, thanks. @Rigs @CawLeary @Kerridoc @Itsadragon

I wish you had boldtusk or gormek, but 3/70 marjana will work at ur level for now.

I’d go with marj tank. Li xiu instead of falcon.

Rigard li xiu marjana kiril victor

I know seems odd.

But this puts ailment remover before ur hitters(removes blinds)

Li xiu to cut mana at a faster rate than wing

Marj at tank due to current war strat and she will hurt at least 2 opponents before death at tank unless they get a pretty good board

Kiril at flank to buff defense and attack, flank he goes off faster this way, sucks he buffs after li xiu and marj hit, but small price to pay to separate healers(gormek, grimm, tiburtus are common war heros and hit 3 and lower defense, dont want to lose both healers in one shot)

Victor on other wing since he’ll go off semi often at very fast anyways

Just recalled that victor buffs defense for entire team, swap him and kiril

Wish i could see entire roster but if u say these are only choices then I’ll work with what i got

@Rigs thanks, will do it now.

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