Plz help me, defensive team

Hi, I need help for my defensive team.
My max heroes are:

  • 5 stars: Justice, Seshat, Magni, Kingston, Kadilen, Joon
  • 4 stars: Sabina, Wilbur, Wu kong, Gretel, Hansel, Boldtusk, Kiril, Skittleskull, Gormek, Boril, Sumitomo, Tiburtus, Sonya
    I can max (5 stars): Quintus, Isarnia, Khagan, Frida, Richard, Marjana, Lianna

Actually, my team is:
Kingston, Sabina, Justice, Magni, Seshat, but I lost near 150 pts every night.

Thx all

Look like you are lacking a 5 * healer.
While waiting for Marjana to get ready, Magni, Seshat, Justice, Kingston and Joon should be fine. Else, add some emblem to BT.
Magni, BT, Seshat, Joon and Kingston.

Sesh Boldie Boril King Joon

Thx, i’ll try 1st: Magni, BT, Seshat, Joon and Kingston.
If isn’t better, i’ll try Olmor solution.

What cup level are you at? Losing 150 cups is about average for me. Sometimes I’ve lost around 400 depending how high I climb.

Keep in mind no defense will prevent cup loss.

I prefer to keep a healer and a tank and build around that. Maybe Bold, Magni, justice, Kingston, Seshat from left to right

You’ll lose cups every night no matter what you do… thing is, the more cups you have the better cup ratios you’ll give to the opponents who bump into you while re-rolling, making you a juicy target. The stronger you are, the stronger the teams who attack you will become. So, unless you have a 4700 TP defense, it’s all the same… you’ll return around 2500 cups every night. It’s a cat and mouse game.

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Justice is your best tank. Seshat should be on the left side so as to dispel before the others fire. With that in mind:

Joon-Seshat-Justice-Magni-Kingston (if you want a full 5* defence) or Seshat-Boldtusk-Justice-Magni-Kingston (if you want to have a healer).

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