Pls rename seshat on Russian language

Hello SG! Wanna ask y’all, can you please change name HOTM seshat on russian transliteration) in Russian her name is wrong it’s like zechat on Russian, terrible) thanks!

I’m just adding in that another player noted this problem too:

-Polemic mode on-

There’s tons of russian beta players, and everytime we have leaks of beta information on their sites.
None of them complaint about the name.

Less spoilers and more testing guys.

-Polemic mode off-


Wikipedia says it’s Сешат


And we all know wikipedia is always right.

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Two Russian speakers also confirmed it, so that seems reasonable to trust.

I can also say that Сешат makes much more sense phonetically, so I’m not surprised that’s the suggested spelling.


Hahahaha not always for sure :slight_smile: But 1) there’s a good chance someone corrects her name in Wikipedia if it’s wrong, she’s a important character in mythology of the Ancient Egypt, 2) Wikipedia cites numerous external sources for reference, 3) Сешат is close to English “Seshat” and sounds good in Russian in opposite to Зехат which sounds really weird and looks like blind transliteration.


Beta is solely in English. I think you’re being a bit too harsh on Russian beta testers there. I’ve seen plenty American and European leaks too on Line.


In the Russian-speaking community since its first mention HOTM is called “Сешат”. Screenshots appeared later, but mostly English.

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Btw, they did it. This issue can be closed :slight_smile: Thanks a lot!

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