Pls help on my question

Just want to ask if wilbur n kiril n boldtusk stack?
How about boltusk n tarlak n kiril.
Cause i have many 2x or 3x heroes.
Like 4x wilbur
3x tarlak
2x boltusk
2x viviana
2x deliah
N many other
Can u pls tell me which heroes dont stack each other pls?
Also can i use 2x tarlak together? Or 2x wilbur?

There are a lot of questions here. I’ll answer the first one about BT, Kiril, and Wilbur.

  • Boldtusk‘s special includes a 48% attack buff. Kiril’s special includes a 30% attack buff. These do not stack and will override each other.
  • Kiril’s special includes a 30% defense buff. Wilbur’s special includes a 63% defense buff. These do not stack and will override each other.
  • None of Wilbur’s other special skills have counterparts with Boldtusk or Kiril so they will not be overwritten and will not override others.

To dig deeper into specials and what stacks, may I suggest this thread.


Kiril and Boldtusk do stack with Tarlak. I don’t know if you want 2 Tarlak unless you stagger them. I don’t think they stack.
Have fun


Are you sure? I thought BT& Kirill overwrite each other’s attack so they don’t stack, as @littleKAF has already said ?:thinking:?

Edit - aghhh penny dropping, yes I don’t have Tarlak :cry:.

They mean BT and/or Kiril stack with Tarlak, not each other. See below.

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Hi. I think the general rule is that if they have the same buff icon then they do not stack. Tarlak has a diff buff icon than boldtusk so they can stack.


@e-man You hit it right on the head. Just like how Wu Kong and Ranvir can stack with BT and Kiril.

I should have made it clearer, depending on your needs use Kiril or Boldtusk. You are right together they overwrite their att/health buff.
I have Tarlak(on final ascent, not maxed yet) and i always pair him with one or the other, does wonders on titans.
Have fun.

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Now its clear for tnx guys for a wonderful explanation. Again tnx u all.

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