Pls help me

Can u pls help me arrange my team?
For titans attack n raid pls! N also who to ascent first thanks

Hi @Coke. I think it’s really time for you to join an alliance that teaches and helps you grow. Join Triumph of Grimnir. We use Line app to have these types of discussions. Our parent alliance Vengeance of Grimnir is in the top 100. You can contact me on the Line App (the1monie).

Hi @Coke,

The core 3 heroes I would use for your Titan team are: Kiril, Wu Kong and Grimm/Tiburtus. The other 2 spots will be for strong color heroes (red heroes for green Titans, yellow heroes for purple etc.)

For raids I suggest taking 2 healers, 2 heroes vs tank color and 1 AoE hero.
For example: your opponent has a yellow tank. Your attack team will be Kiril/Tiburtus/Colen/Merlin/Melendor.

You might think taking a 5* at 3/70 is better, but in reality it’s not.

Thanks chef for the advice ill do that.

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