Pls help me in raid team need advice

Pls im new in this game i need advice in arrangements for my team in raid


Wow! that is a pretty awesome hero list. Your team 1 is already ready for raid. Must have taken you a long time to get the ascension items. You have a better roster than me. But I’m still new and lost over 200 cups over the weekend. :cry:

Right now I’d use Delilah, Kiril, Cyprian, Melendor, and Scarlet as your default raiding team, focused heavily on getting the most value out of riposte and healing. However, I’d highly recommend ascending Merlin, Jackal, and Peters asap since their mana control and single target damage is a much more effective strategy for raiding.

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You should really set up your team depending on what teams you’re going against. Or do you mean your defense?

1st advice:
Focus on bringing few heroes to their max level before levelling doubles (see 4.56 and 2.29 Melendor) or heroes of the same color.

2nd advice:
Use Kiril, Melendor, Wu Kong, Scarlet, Merlin as base attack teams.
Use Perseus, Colen, Peter, G. Jackal and Cyprian as double color hero when attacking.

3rd advice:
Ascend and level to max Peter, G. Jackal, Merlin, Tiburtus, Grimm.
Max Colen.

Defense suggestion:

(Now) Melendor - Scarlet - Kiril - Cyprian - Wu Kong

(Then) Colen - Peters - Kiril - Cyprian - G. Jackal