Pls help me how to match up my team

Pls help me im new in this game.
Dont know how to match or who i will choose to match different colors titans Screenshot_20180606-174909_Empires

The strategy for titans is quite simple, although you do not have WuKong which is almost essential. You have to have in your team a hero who will lower the defense of the titan like Tiburtus or Grimm, a hero that raises the attack of your team like Boldtusk or Kiril and then 2 of the opponent’s color. While you do not get it use the strategy of putting healers and 3 of the opposite color of titan

I don’t know a lot about some of your heros but you should definitely pick 1 of each color and work on maxing them and then max another set.

I started leveling everyone like I see on your roster and in the end I wasn’t going anywhere. Then I spoke to a little bird (@Wormwood) and he gave me this tip. It has worked wonders since as I have seen an increase across the board.

Mate i have wu kong in almost full level. Grimm n tiburtus just get it . So what shall i do? Also how will i know the strong color for each titans

I sent 2 photo in there first is with delilah perseus kiril g.jackal scarlet did u see it or u want me to resent to u pls reply thanks

You have to decrease titan’s defense (and elemental defense while you can, like you do with G. Jackal’s speciall) while increasing to max your attack.

What you need:

  1. Wu Kong
  2. Boldtusk / Kiril / Bear Banner
  3. Grimm / Tiburtus / Gormek / Isarnia
  4. Strong color heroes
  5. increase your heroes level (at least Grimm and Tiburtus but also Alaise and Aeron. Bring other to their max lv for their ascension)


  • vs Yellow titan
    • Kiril - Tiburtus - Aeron - Merlin - Wu Kong
  • vs Purple titan
    • Kiril - Grimm - G. Jackal - Delilah - Wu Kong
  • vs Red titan
    • Kiril - Grimm - Perseus - Alaise - Wu Kong
  • vs Green titan
    • Tiburtus - Scarlett - Colen - Melendor - Wu Kong (bring +ATK banner)
  • vs Blue titan
    • Kiril - Grimm - Melendor - Peters - Wu Kong

Thank u very much fravit93 now i know n i will give it a try

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