Plenty of cards and no idea

I’d build out your rainbow 3* team to get your feet set and then circle back to your 4*. Since no blues I’d do Grimm until you get a good 3* blue

Investing in some hero slots as you get some gems since you already have some great 4* wouldn’t be bad.

Of course get to SH13 to then get TC13 as a good building goal

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If you pull Bane again I would definitely keep him, but the only place you’re going to use him over Chao would be the beginner tier in the challenge event. You wouldn’t have used him on this upcoming event anyway since the reflect color is yellow. He’s not a necessity, but he’s the best attacking yellow 3*, so I would definitely keep one copy of him when you do get him again. & You will eventually get him again, so don’t sweat it. Gan Ju will be a decent placeholder til then. You will eventually want 30 characters for war, so that is another place you will use your 3*, at least until you get 30+ 4* & 5* replacements.

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Long road ahead lol most of my cards are too weak to progress more in the map now so I guess it’s a waiting game now I need something else to entertain me

That’s what titans, quests, challenge events, wars and raiding are for :wink:
Anyway, this game is all about patience (and loves to test your limits sometimes), but this forum is a nice place to spend your excess time while you’re waiting. There are so many guides, and a lot of interesting reads if you’re interested in learning all you can. I highly recommend it; I’ve been coming to this forum for a couple of months now and I’m already the ‘E&P guru’ of my alliance. Probably silly, but it feels good to be able to help my alliance members out by sharing everything I’ve learned on this forum. Maybe not your thing idk, but if you love the game, it’s another way to be involved.
That, or you could just find another game to pass the time with, whatever floats your boat :blush:

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My alliance don’t even talk need to find a new one I reckon

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Lots can good teaching alliances here:

With Chao and Gan Jiu you have a good yellow 4" and a good yellow 3* alrdeady.

Yes, it’s very important to be in an active alliance. Especially when you’re just starting out, a growing alliance where you can ask questions and they’ll hopefully help guide you in the right direction is the best. If no one’s listening, if most are inactive (especially the leader), if their rules don’t fit with your schedule, or their participation isn’t up to snuff, or the titans are too easy/difficult for you are all reasons I would consider finding a new alliance. Trust me, you’ll know when you find the right one for you. It may take a few different jumps to find the right fit, but there’s so many alliances out there, and I’m sure there are several that would scoop you up in a heartbeat if they knew you were looking.

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Magnificent Bastards has a new teaching alliance, Magnificent Jr Bastards. You’re welcome to hop in there

I take it you’re an Aussie?

Come join us our alliance ‘The Resurrected’ as there are a few of us playing mate.

Edit: I don’t advocate spending dollars but do buy that second builder for $7. It’s going to cut down on build time waits massively.

Great assessment, with only one observation. Boril, like all other riposte heroes is a decent defender but also a great attacker against teams that have AOE heroes. The fact that you can control riposte to be activated just before the AOE’s strike, it’s a guaranteed killer. I use Cyprian this way with a great rate of success. He took me from gold to platinum in no time. He might be slightly better than Boril, for he has a lower defense stat, which means he takes more damage and therefor the riposte is harder. Riposte heroes must be always placed in the center of the attack team and flanked by high HP / lower defense heroes, for maximum effect.

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Thank you! & I understand many people use Boril and Cyprian on their attack teams as well, but to me, I still wouldn’t prioritize Boril until Grimm and Kiril are finished for the solid attack -def & heal. Then again, I prefer nice hitters and good healers on offense, I don’t tend to use counterattack very often personally. They’re both great if you don’t have any solid hitters and need a more defensive setup, but since the OP has solid hitters I would prioritize them first, and still Boril last. Just my thoughts on it, thank you for your input though!


Come to Troll Akademi.

I teach the basics, feed you some titan loot.

I will finish by teaching you how to find an alliance you will fit in.


So much advice and help here thanks so much people what a top forum cheers for the guild invites, I managed to find an Aussie based guild that seems quite active and chatty so I’m happy with them, with all the advice the only thing. Still confused on is should I quickly level a solid 3* team then work on my 4s with grim in my blue spot and Chao in my yellow as I don’t have decent 3 for those slots


If you are in an alliance a solid 3* team for AW and rare events is a very good idea.
Then work on the 4*.


DO NOT level 3* heroes before or at the same time as 4* ones. Level 4* first. (Assuming they are the same color, and even if different colors, leveling 4* first is usually the better choice but that’s situational)

4star 3/60 >>>> 3 star 3/50 (maxed)
4star 4/70 (maxed) > 5 star 3/70

The reason is because the gulf between 3* and 4* is so vast where as 4* and 5* have a much smaller gap. New players should always, ALWAYS level 4* before 3* AND 5* heroes regardless of what ascension mats they have/expect to have.

There is no “practical” value to suggesting that new players should level 3* before 4*. The rare stage in events that only allows 3* heroes is a time and effort trap. You get no unfarmable ascension mat, not one, from finishing the rare difficulty monthly events and only delay your progression toward important goals (lvl 4* to complete rare quests, epic+legendary events, better titan scores etc).

There are certainly uses for rare heroes in wars, events, titan stacking etc. There are players who beat the dark lord with 3* or get top 10 scores on rare event and get a mountain of goodies, but none of these points have anything to do with new players. New players do not have the knowledge or experience or ability to use 3* heroes to “punch above their weight” so to speak.

Obviously if 3* is all you got then use what you got. But by far, the most bone headed advice I ever got was to level 3* heroes when I had 4* available just so I can do/finish rare challenges, which I did quite easily no less. And it was the most bone headed decision I made in this game listening to this advice, from my first alliance leader no less.

Edit: Didn’t mean to sound so harsh, but I guess I felt pretty steamed. I don’t believe above posters mean any harm, but this is imho, the worst advice that gets frequently passed around without any thought. Just because maxed 4* beats unascended 5* doesn’t mean maxed 3* beats unascended 4*.

Now if the rare difficulty events actually offered something usable…then maybe we can discuss but no point in any discussion at this time.


For the cost in hams and recruits to take 1 4* to 3/60, you can max 2 3* heroes. That’s 10 usable heroes instead of 5 if you do color matched feeding. That allows you to stack colors and get higher scores on titans and higher trophies in raids. Both of those things give you more shots at nonfarmable ascension materials to max your 4* and 5* heroes


Granted, I haven’t tried, but … I really doubt a stacked 3* team will beat a rainbow 4* team, whether on titan score or trophies.

You can bring 5x heroes to any fight not 5x 4* and 10x 3* heroes.

The strongest boost to a new player’s mat pool is hitting the rare challenge quests, especially the last stage (which is your only source of guaranteed 4* mat), the epic difficulty monthly event or even the legendary difficulty monthly event as quickly as possible. It’s the difference between guaranteed mat and no mat. Getting 4* up and running just a bit quicker is better than having a team of 3* maxed a week or a month earlier.

The fastest jump in mat gain for new players is NOT hitting the titans for 50k instead of 20k. And you’re not going to go from tier 8 loot to tier 9 loot (to get 50% more mat roll) with 5x 3* heroes. No way anywhere and certainly not new players. That comes after having a mix of 4* and 3* and maybe a few unascended 5*.

Maybe I’m speaking a bit too forcibly, but that’s because I went through this very recently. The idea of having more 3* maxed early as opposed to partially leveled 4* for same amount of food sounds good on paper, but doesn’t actually work out, because the game has these set/distinct progress bumps. If you can push over that bump (tier 9 titan loot, COMPLETE epic event, rare challenges), you get the reward, if you don’t you get nothing. In the hands of new players, 3* do not help you get over these bumps, that’s all. I wish the design was different, but it is what it is.

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I found this to be a place many get lost. If a f2p player bumps in to a 4* before getting to tc13, I believe feeding it first is proper. A 60/70% on color will do. Stop at 3^60 to let 3s catch up.

Any non-healer 4 gives you better farming and a stronger raid attack. Not a raid defense as you should be cup dropping.

Do not ignore your 3s. Try on color feeding.

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