Plenty of cards and no idea

After a bit a reading here I’ve discovered I have wasted alot of time and really have things up the creek without a paddle so I was hopeful that the good people here might help me out with building reasonable decks from my current selection and maybe help me with where I should be focusing first,

I struggle mostly on defense team and titans but I’d say my general setup could also be better

thanks in advance guys

Wow…strange cards…where are all the 3* heroes ?

I would train Chao, Cademon, Sabina and Grimm to 3/60 as fast as possible.
In red you have the choice between Colen and Scarlett.
You could try Colen as tank.

What ascencion mats do you have?
How far is your stronghold developed ?

Where did Bane go ?

Only use 1* and 2* heroes as feeders right now.

Kiril as Healer and Buffer
Caed as Debuffer
Grimm as DefDowner
Colen as a Burner
Sabina as a Healer and Debuffer with Atk vs Titan
Chao fast and steals Mana

I think, these are the hereos for you at rhe moment to level with high priority.

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K since I already wrote this all up and then deleted it, and I don’t know how to copy exactly what I said, so I’m going to summarize:
Keep most of your 3* if you plan on participating in events and wars. Especially the ones I list, they are some of the best. Good to have at least two in each color. You could prioritize the 3* over the 4* first, since they’re faster to level, but I’d get a team of 4* done first since they’ll help you out more than 3* would.
Only trade out 3* for 4* on your team once the 4* stats exceed 3*.
Don’t bother working on any 5* until you get a few teams together and have the mats to fully ascend them first. Especially since Thorne isn’t all that great, but if he’s your only option then I’d play with him for a bit before spending mats.
Blue: Grimm is one of the best so him first for offense and titans, then Kiril for the dragon banner and heal. Last, Boril for your defense team.
Red: Scarlett or Colen, Scarlett for the fast and hard hit on 3, or Colen for the slow but intense burn on all. Depends on your preferences. Keep Hawkmoon since she’s one of the only two 3* all ally healers.
Green: Caedmon since he’s your only 4* green and since he’s fast and dispels buffs. Brienne is a really awesome 3*, keep her for the buff.
Yellow: Chao for the mana control, that’s vital for events and raids, then I suppose Hu Tao unless you get a better yellow by then. Where’s Bane? Get a Bane back, and keep Gan Ju, he’s a decent 3*.
Purple: Sabina since she’s your only choice and for the big heal and dispelling of buffs also, always nice to have several different healers leveled. Keep working with Balthazar, probably the best purple 3* hitter.
I feel like I’m missing something but that’s basically what I had written to you on that last post.


I would agree with the above. With Colen as your tank.

You are too early in the game to worry about defense setup. For a while your offense and defene will be the same. That is absolutely normal.

Haha yeah I didn’t realise band was so important when I started should have done some reading first,

Stronghold is LVL 10

Thanks heaps for the advice guys I was feeling a bit lost

How do I get bane back haha

Cross your fingers you’ll pull him on a daily summons, or once you get your TC13 up and running, Bane is bound to pop out eventually.

Here’s hoping I get him back

Wel…with Chao you dont really need him anymore.

Why is that? Do I have a better replacement there?

Chao is better than Bane, yes.

The only place you’d certainly prefer Bane, is in Rare challenge events, where a 4* like Chao is not permitted. And even then Bane is not indispensable, far from it. He’s one of the best, so a keeper, but there are other good ones.

Another advantage to Bane over Chao is that he’s easier to ascend. Without sufficient ascension materials, you’ll wind up with 4* and 5* heroes you cannot ascend. 3* heroes, like Bane, will in practice never run into that problem. So in order to fill up six teams for Alliance War, you’ll be needing 3* heroes for quite a while.

But there are other good 3* heroes. Sure, it was a mistake not keeping him, but you’ll have options.

Thanks heaps everyone all good advice bloody bunch of champions

I think you should level Scarlett instead of colen. She has the second highest base attack stat of the 4* heroes, it’s higher than a lot of 5* heroes. Fast mana instead of slow mana and reducing enemy attack is helpful in raids and titans. Colen is only really a defensive hero mostly because of slow mana but he’s also really weak defensively. His special can be devastating but he’s inconsistent on defense.

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I’d build out your rainbow 3* team to get your feet set and then circle back to your 4*. Since no blues I’d do Grimm until you get a good 3* blue

Investing in some hero slots as you get some gems since you already have some great 4* wouldn’t be bad.

Of course get to SH13 to then get TC13 as a good building goal

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If you pull Bane again I would definitely keep him, but the only place you’re going to use him over Chao would be the beginner tier in the challenge event. You wouldn’t have used him on this upcoming event anyway since the reflect color is yellow. He’s not a necessity, but he’s the best attacking yellow 3*, so I would definitely keep one copy of him when you do get him again. & You will eventually get him again, so don’t sweat it. Gan Ju will be a decent placeholder til then. You will eventually want 30 characters for war, so that is another place you will use your 3*, at least until you get 30+ 4* & 5* replacements.

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Long road ahead lol most of my cards are too weak to progress more in the map now so I guess it’s a waiting game now I need something else to entertain me

That’s what titans, quests, challenge events, wars and raiding are for :wink:
Anyway, this game is all about patience (and loves to test your limits sometimes), but this forum is a nice place to spend your excess time while you’re waiting. There are so many guides, and a lot of interesting reads if you’re interested in learning all you can. I highly recommend it; I’ve been coming to this forum for a couple of months now and I’m already the ‘E&P guru’ of my alliance. Probably silly, but it feels good to be able to help my alliance members out by sharing everything I’ve learned on this forum. Maybe not your thing idk, but if you love the game, it’s another way to be involved.
That, or you could just find another game to pass the time with, whatever floats your boat :blush:

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My alliance don’t even talk need to find a new one I reckon

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Lots can good teaching alliances here:

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