Please your help, have hacked my alliance partner!

Please of your help. Our alliance partner ¡UNIÓN ES FUERZA! He was hacked, his account was stolen and he cannot recover it. We have evidence that the account was always our partner. The person who stole it first went to the “Vietnam Empires” alliance and is now in the “CRAZY GREEK TEAM” alliance. Please, if someone can help us, we would appreciate it very much, since soon we will not be able to follow up if your name changes.

USER AFFECTED: Cristian1978




Please help and corresponding penalties

For something like this, the forum cannot help you. You should contact support (game menu-options-support) and submit a ticket/request.

P.S. If you block that player, you will be able to see him everywhere he goes, even if changes the name. You enter at blocked players anytime you want and see him there, no matter the place or name he chose.


Thanks for your response, but we couldn’t block it, and the support is very inoperative for these cases, they are more with the scammers than with the player.

There’s absolutely nothing we can do as fellow players, unfortunately.

Contacting Support is truly the only option.


How do you know it was stolen?

Do you guys use outside communications? And if his account was stolen then why isnt the player himself here throwin up a flare for help?

Idk just seems odd

Giving away or even selling accounts is a pain in the A from my understanding

I’m sure trying to steal one would be even harder. But what do i know


You know nothing RigSnow :innocent:


It sounds false…
How do we know if you sold this account and want to recover?
and actually you can’t sell/hack/steal “game account”. You can do it with your associated email. So you have to recover your email. There are many ways to do it.

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My friend Cristian does not frequent the forum, it is not very cybernetic, so I help him.

I would not waste my time if this were false, believe me, I have many things to be busy with, I am only supporting a colleague who I know did not sell it, except someone from another country, hopefully he manages email.

If he really is victim… he need to recover his associated email and changing password…
those steps should be enough

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Dont think this thread will go anywhere productive without devs getting involved and they’ll probably close the thread and send you to support but I’ll tag em anyways

@Petri @mhalttu @KiraSG @Sara

Best i can do, hope it helps


They have logged in from Vietnam and cannot recover their account with their mail. We are from the country of CHILE.

Honestly, the account itself cannot be stolen. Only the Google Play account. And SG is not responsible for this external matter, of course. That’s why they have written on their support page:

“Hacks” can only occur if a user somehow acquires your personal Google or Apple login information, so it’s up to you to keep your information safe. Small Giant cannot ensure the security of any account (or your Heroes!) if it has been accessed by another person.

So this will be likely their answer anyway…


I’m starting to believe he is lying us and wanting to recover sold account.

If he can see where was last logging, that means he has access of his acc too.

Staffs @zephyr1 or anybody should evaluate this post.

If of course a person from Chile who hopefully handles an email can sell to a person from Vietnam. Of course, champion!

Buenas tardes Scarecrow . Tuve que ingresar a Google y aprender como es este mundo de Forum. En primera instancia siempre a sido el Dueño de la cuenta Cristian1978. Tengo los eroes de la cuenta. Codigos . Correo . Pagos que se han realizado a mi cuenta de Empires. Lo unico que requiero como dueño de esa cuenta es recuperarla. Cualquier informacion que sea necesaria para recuperarla me dicen y la envio donde sea Necesario. Jamas e vendido la cuenta y no he percibido pagos por ella por lo que encuentro super poco profesional que a tal invergadura de Juego y empresa no puedan solucionar mi tema ya que me robaron mi cuenta.

Moderators note: Please remember that the official language of the forum is English. I’ve translated this post to the best of my ability.

Good afternoon Scarecrow. I had to get into Google to learn how the world of the forum is. In the first place, I have always been the owner of the account Cristian1978. I have the heroes in that account. Codes. Mail. Payments that have gone to my Empires account. the only thing I need as the owner of the account is to recover it. Any information necessary to help recover it, let me know and I’ll send it wherever it’s necessary. I’ve never sold my account and I haven’t perceived payments from it for what I found it’s a little unprofessional that the company with a Game of this magnitude can’t solve my issue and that they stole my account

Ummm what?


Hola Forum soy cristian1978 en el juego y ayer fui victima de robo del usuario y eroes.
Necesito ayuda para poder recuperar

Cristian Gonzalez

English translation added by moderator
Hi Forum, I’m cristian1978 in the game and yesterday I was a victim of account theft and heroes
I need help to recover it

Cristian1978. No Logro entender. Aun el procedimiento por parte del juego. Adjunto los datos donde demuestro con creces que fui victima de robo de mi identidad en el juego. De tratar de recuperar una cuenta vendida dicen algunos. si me hubieran pagado alguien lo que he invertido en la cuenta estaria tranquilo y no luchando como lo hago asta el dia de hoy para recuperar algo que es totalmente Mio.
El juego puede ser dueña de la aplicacion y el juego pero si como usuario no puedo ocupar algo por lo que estoy pagando entonces menos logro entender como puede haber tanta inoperancia en su soporte. De forma personal y acudiendo a la red de amigos que juegan pude saber donde estaba mi cuenta asta que porfin quedo inactiva y la sacaron de la alianza por inactividad.
Entiendo todos los comentarios pero en resumen soy el unico perjudicado.

Hola Cristian,

Desafortunadamente, nosotros somos jugadores como usted, y no podemos ayudarte aparte de dirigirte que contactes soporte: #contact-support como sugerió zephyr:

Recomiendo que incluyas las imágenes que tienen cuando les mandes un mensaje. Personalmente yo también tomaría precauciones para asegurar tu cuenta de Google:

Hi Cristian

Unfortunately, we’re players like you, and there’s nothing we can do aside from directing you to contact support as zephyr has mentioned.

I recommend you include the images you have when you send them a message. And personally, I would recommend taking further precautions to secure your Google account too


Estimado ya realice todas las modificaciones correspondientes en relacion a claves y accesos lo que no puedo entender como es posible que este juego teniendo tantos profesionales no sean capaz de detener esto o bloquear el usuario ya que yo puedo comprobar que la cuenta es mia y no de terceras personas.

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