Please use Lianna in any Astral Elf cutscenes!

Since Lianna is an elf, PLEASE USE HER FOR THE ASTRAL ELVES CUTSCENES. I understand the want to use classic characters, but she fits in more, race wise, and adds more flavor than seeing Richard, Elena, and Vivica all the time.

It maybe implied in the original storyline that she died fighting the dark lord
But at the same time, this is SG. Storyline is not their strengths. They won’t go all out to include past characters except for Richard/Elena/vivica

In the next story our heroes will die to 3* enemies due to their higher stats and better special.

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"It maybe implied in the original storyline that she died fighting the dark lord"

Where was this? I sure hope not. She and Sartana seem to be the only classic family that are still threats to raids.
Elena and Vivica are threats if they’re costumed (Safari Viv can heal past maximum hit points and Elena does more damage with her costume).
I don’t think I’ve encountered a costumed Richard, so I still think he’s a pushover at this point with all the newer character buffs.

The very first cut scenes of the game if i remembered had commander grey, colen and Lianna. After that cutscene, they were never mentioned again. So it’s implied they’re dead by then.
I mean that is lore wise, anything that has to do with raids and tourneys are not related to the lore
Oh wait never mind, she’s still there in the cutscenes of a talent class quest. Sorry for this puzzling mix-up

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I still am confused why commander Grey changed his name to Thorne ?
And I agree with the OP! It would be great to see Lianna in the storyline beside the usual trio

Huh where is this to watch?

Now this is a new Christmas hero I want. Sartana crossed with Santa, what a dark Santa would be!

Rockin’ Santa’s belt already makes him dark:

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I think Commander Grey got corrupted by the Dark Lord and we defeated him. Thorne just happens to look just like him? Don’t have the patience to reread them in the museum… @Stanagde (You can reread them in the museum, assuming you’ve done the levels in S1.)

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Or Commander Grey was reborn as Thorne once he was defeated and wanted to turn over a new leaf (maybe that was an Easter Egg in the game).