Please turn off "forced update!" I'm locked out of my game because of it

SG, would it be possible for you to turn off the forced update message when starting the game? I cannot update at this time and therefore am stuck, unable to get into my game.

Due to a recent bug in the App Store affecting both of my devices, the App Store returns an error message every time that I try to update any apps. This means that when I open the game, I am forced to update, but cannot update, but still cannot open my game.

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It is unfortunately not possible for them to do that. They need to have every player eventually playing on the same version of the game.

I feel your pain; my old phone did not have enough space on it to handle any more of SG’s constant updates. It got to a point to where I was forced to either delete other apps, upgrade my phone’s memory capacity, or get a new phone.

You will unfortunately have to fix your App Store issue in order to continue playing the game, and there is probably very little SG can do to help with that.


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