Please tell me again how emblems will make it fair?

More emblems for sale. The bigger get bigger. LOL what a joke. I am GLAD I have became VERY C2P.
The only other thread I found was from feb.

This is at least the third time that Emblems have been for sale in the Shop that I’ve noticed.

There was a lot of discussion the first time, and hardly any the second time — which was interesting to me. Perhaps people stopped caring as much?

What caught your attention about it this time vs. the last time they were in the Shop?

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I dont look in the shop. My grandson opened it and was looking, I noticed.
If several are talking same thoughts as me I dont add in ofthen.

And you know me, I have SPENT a ton and have lots of heroes. BUT I still pioneer for the little guy, thats just me.

It was discussed a fair amount in these threads:

…which actually reminds me that there were additional offers for purchasing Emblems that I totally forgot about already.

So I think this is at least the 5th time they’ve been available for purchase.

I wasn’t a fan of Emblems being available for purchase, though I like that at least so far the quantities have been quite limited.

I was just curious why it caught your attention this time in particular — which you answered, since you probably hadn’t noticed some of the previous times.

I think the sprindvale one is the only one I remembered talked about other than the reset offer.
I also dont read all threads. If they are ones like I have read I zoom by them LOL

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I was skeptical as well when emblems appeared in the shop but to be honest I had an experience last tournament that changed my mind.
Well, I am a level 56 player and fed all my emblems (I never bought any) to my 5 stars only. Hence all my 4 stars don’t have them. In last tournament only 4 star heroes were allowed.
I lost just 2! fights against opponents crammed with emblems and +300 TP. Now I am not convinced that the talent grid really brings that huge effort. So stay calm and let the others waste their money if they like.


I have four heroes in the 6th step of the talent tree, all the other on the 5th. I don’t even been so lucky with elemental chests and wars.

I never bought an emblem, and best i saw (for now) was a legendary on the 8th step (only one).

I assume he/she was lucky and buy emblems, but there’s not a so overwhelming difference.
One or two steps meaning 15 point in attack or defence, or 5% more talent activation in… 4 months?

A very little advantage for paying customers.

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Please, tell me how RNG would ever be fair in the majority of the cases…