Please stop tournment "cheat mode"

What is “cheat mode”. Cheat mode is when the game actively “flips a switch” and skews RNG in favor of the defense. Its absolutely insane right around middle of day 2 and 3 of the tourney, the improbable starts becoming magically probable.

  1. Your damage output appears to be significantly reduced. People argue you are now going against stronger defenses but its amazing how i sometimes do 50% less damage. I have 20 emblem offense teams too so the defense can’t get that much more stronger

  2. Starting boards become awful too. This topic has been discussed to death but most of us know deep down there is something amiss

  3. Proc rates on the defense appear to double in probability. Mother North rezzing someone 7 times in a row. Me being blinded basically means 80% chance to miss while only 20% on the defense side… The worse offender is Costume Kaliden. During the tourney, her special dodge ability magically ramps up to 90% chance of dodge. No joke. Consistently 90% in the tourney!!! Its pretty sad that i actually start laughing at the game when these improbable events manifest so frequently

  4. And “The buff tourney” doesn’t even make any sense. I have 4 buffs and maybe do 10% more damage. God forbid, the enemy have 3-4 buffs, their damage is DOUBLED! The math doesn’t make any sense…and yes. I know about the 20% atk/def bonus to the defense to offset the offense advantage

Now many of you will say. “Its just RNG”. You simply forget about all the good things that happen to you and only remember the bad things. Well. i have enough education in mathematics and statistics to know this happening week after week is simply not possible. Others will, of course, claim it rarely happens to them and i’m simply not fielding the right team. Blah blah blah. We know some of you will believe anything SG tells you is gospel.

But all complaining aside. The WORST part of this whole thing is the company still continues to take a stance that it does not manipulate boards, mitigate damage or proc rates. I’m sure in the Terms of Service the company can do this manipulation without legal repercussion. and that is fine. What bothers me is you have company sponsored employees and moderators on websites and interviews who continually lie to us on a regular basis claiming the game does not put their thumb on the scale to manipulate the game. I wish the game would just man up and admit that it cheats! Mention in the tourney rules that the defense is significantly stronger.

I do believe, however, that the card drawing is probably the one thing where they don’t cheat. They clearly let you know the odds. People should not complain when the odds of drawing a rare 5* are 1%. The odds really suck but at least they are honest with that. They are not dumb enough to cheat there


There’s something definitely strange about it, I had terrible start on Monday but am doing better as the week goes on.


I may be wrong, but is it not the case that after 10 matches (so beginning day 3) they ‘rebalance’ opponents so you end up being matched with players more around your level?
So if you’re doing well in tournaments things get harder and if you’re doing worse things get easier?


There probably is some sort of re balance after several matches. However, i have a decent line up of 20 emblem heroes and my starting troops are around lvl 28-30. I think the game is aware of my team/rating and has me playing 20 emblem opponents right out of the gate. The line ups get a bit harder around end of day 2 + day 3 but not that much more difficult than in the beginning. What bothers me is the opponent specials proc rate get insanely more frequent which shouldn’t change regardless of the hero level/emblems. (Mother North rezzing way more often than 50%, 45% special dodge becoming 90%, ) The dodging specials are absolutely the worse offenders. I also seem a significant drop in damage from my snipers even though my opponents don’t seem much different. In the 3* tourney, you have some these opponents one-shoot sniping my full HP heroes and they don’t even have an attack buff/def down.


@RustyK can you please show some screenshot of the fight you mean?
Or at least the opponents team in tourney overview?

Further, at the moment we don’t have a buff tourney but a rush tourney…

I’m not sure it’s to do with opponents more about boards which in rush are unforgiving

Every time players lose it must be the game is rigged.


Well of course, if players win every time it’s absolutely rigged and we’d complain as well!

But sometimes it feels like there’s something fishy going on :thinking:


I don’t think it’s opponents per se more about boards. Either way I’ll finish 10% or higher because I’d rather use my gems on getting aethers than summoning a 3* whilst trying to get a 5*.

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Just joined. First post. Been playing about a month and a half and max team power right now is just shy of 3000. I’m not sure about the specifics, but I’ve DEF felt like the scale was tipped in favor of defense during the tourney. first day is super easy. Day 2 is challenging, but I can usually get through both days undefeated, even against stronger teams. Day 3 I usually lose 4 times in a row without even coming close most times.

Not sure how to go about proving it, but if you follow the money, the truth usually comes out. The question is, who stands to gain if it was true they were tipping the scales? What incentive does SG have to press the scales? It’s not so much a matter of “winning” as it is making it to the top tier. Progress makes no difference. How did you perform in relation to other players. What I’m getting at, is that unless they are doing this for some players and not all, it probably doesn’t matter unless they are doing it to somehow limit the potential prizes, which already kinda stink

***Update… as mentioned before, follow the money. Now I realize the goal is rebuys. people in top tiers wanna stay in the top tiers and if they get knocked out sooner than they hoped… you can always use those precious gems to rebuy. Wallet warriors prevail! I get it that SG is here to make money and selling gems to for summons, ascension items, resources, etc is fine, because patient people can opt out, but selling continues in a tournament automatically makes it pay-to-win. Eff that…


Nice post for your first one.


It’s how tournaments work. The first attack is against an opponent with a little bit less possible maximum “team power”. Every time you win, your next opponent will become a little bit stronger than the last one until you’ve reached the strongest available defenses. Then you only fight against the toughest opponents.

Whenever you lose, you “drop down” a bit and have to attack an opponent with a little bit less possible maximum team power. The points you get for each win refelct the strength of the opponents. (only their team power, not heroes or synergy!)

This is the reason why people without emblemed 3*s are hundreds of points away from the leaderboard after going 5-0 the first day. But for them it was a lot easier to do this than for players starting on top of the food chain. The players without emblems will get stronger and stronger opponents though and as long as they continue winning, they will reach limit broken class maxed top defenses in the end. The same opponents, players with that kind of heroes have to face from the very beginning.

So it is part of the tournament structure that it will become more difficult over time. And I like that. Otherwise people with small team power would have an advantage because players in their range usually have less know how and choose worse defenses. And if everybody would get random opponents they would be even more unhappy when they would have to fight top defenses.


Yeah defo something not right in tournaments plus others but when is anything right in this game lol.

Lost 4 in a row against weak teams then next set won 5 in a row against better team :man_shrugging:t3:



That is how tournaments work. First matches you are matched against comparable teams to your (potential best?) defense. As you win you are matched against harder ones. Thus it gets more difficult. Comparable to moving up levels in cups.

The opposite is true. I could get some bad luck and get 3 strikes against me after the first 2 days, but then able to complete the rest of the week with some lucky boards/weaker teams. Don’t know if you can manipulate by not attacking the first day so that when things get rebalanced on the third day, you get easier opponents. But it’s a thought, if the rebalancing is based on score only.

The “buff tourney” is the Buff Booster round where each active buff on a character boosts their attack by 20%. When i have 4+ buffs, my damages is only marginally increased. When my opponent has 3+ buffs, their damage is increased to almost double damage. Once again. the mathematics make absolutely no sense even with the “hidden opponent +20% attack/def bonus”.

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I never said anything about losing. I’m a level 90 player with ~4800 team power who has been playing this game for a few years. Of course you are going to win some and lose some. That is a no brainer. What I’m calling out is the sudden increase in improbable events. The listed special attack proc rates do not reflect on what happens in the tourney.( ie. Kaliden costume 45% dodge chance is close to 80-90% out of nowhere.) Also, the sudden decrease in damage even though the tougher teams are not that much different from some teams i fight on day 1.

I’m not even complaining about losing. What I’m complaining about is moderators and devs in forums are continually denying that they are tipping the scale in the defense’s favor. It would nice if they would simply say “Hey. in the tourney. Proc rates are significantly increased and damaged is reduced to make it more challenging”


In nearly 3 years of playing in the tournaments I’ve never thought my damage was reduced on any day.

Do you have evidence collected showing the numbers are radically different? I mean 50% reduction is Sif level and I’d most definitely notice that if it was happening that’s for sure


I don’t experience this myself though. And I have yet to see any data to back this claim up. Hence my scepticism.

I just don’t really do any worse in tournaments than I do in raids if I don’t reroll.

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Yeah, I’m already out of this week’s tourney. Went out last night. Day 2 baby.

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