Please Stop Ticket and Put autowin Button

It makes a long time I/we play this game. You added and created a lot of new features in the game. The game is far away about what it was 3 years ago, it’s a very good, very great thing.
Now we are more to have 50/60 World Energy it’s very boring to put my phone one our per day in auto mod. fights. The game shouldn’t be boring, dont lose your old players because there is no point to launch a fight clic on auto wait launch a fight etc … it’s boring and when something is boring people don’t have fun it may be a reason to quit / Stop this game.
We have a lot of fights, quests, events, gda, new seasons where we’ll do the fight but when u already did 5 times the fight in auto … come on what’s the point to do it 5000 times.
Stop to sell Loot Ticket Now , Change the button loot ticket in autowin. Change Loot Tickets statut into 4**** Battle items we’ll exchange them in the alchemy lab for exemple.


SG is losing more with players who stop the game than with players buying especially these tickets + it’s more fun for everybody which is the aim of the game to bring some fun.
Don’t worry there are maybe 50/60 special offer per month we’ll keep spending money

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Well I mean everyone want’s that, including me, but would it really be that great. Most P2W guys have enormous amounts of WE flasks, but a limited number of loot tickets. If autowin would come they could just autowin 200 flasks like that. So yea I really don’t want it. Unless they make a reasonable amount of autowins per day let’s say 50?

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I agree with @jesse1, if this feature was implemented there would be nothing to stop p2w from endlessly farming levels. Keep loot tickets, but give a certain amount of auto wins per day-then if you used up all your auto wins you could use loot tickets. That way farming would be less boring, frustrating, and time consuming when you just want to fill your chest or do some Atlantis runs, but it wouldn’t be able to be abused by people with huge amounts of WE flasks.

As you see i’m level 69 i win 20 world energy flask per month (i have always good event rank) and spend them each atlantis rise. I cant farm more as level 69 i never buy offers with ticket just got some with vip pass. I have actually 1330 tickets and 0 flask of world energy. Launching fights then wiating has no value no point no interest it’s just boring and bad for players fun

My wife IS more f2play than me and has 75 world energy flask in stock she is more casual and only level 56 there are a lot of game where u can instant win without paying

I think there is a way in which both approaches can be used.
Given that each season only unlocks as you progress through the game, I think that once you have unlocked season 3, season 1 should have auto win activated. Unlocking season 3 means you must have a roster of heros who can easily auto play each season 1 level, so allow us to do so without having to watch the computer do it for us.
This would leave loot tickets needed to auto win in both season 2 and 3, leaving incentive to purchase them should players wish to farm higher levels and throughout atlantis rises.

In actuality, we really don’t have data and information of the number of players leaving and starting this game. The problem is, we know that the game is losing players because either we know someone stopped playing in our alliance or from what we read in the forum or in the platform. We barely know someone started playing in the game.

My wife lvl 60 is playing only new levels and events most of the time she doesnt even use her world energy if dont do it for her. Clicking waiting is boring and not a game ! She even thought to stop the game because of it’s too boring to use world energy on fights u already done 10 times.
I’m thinking the same way than her, i’m less casual and level 70+ but it’s boring for me too to click then wait click then wait … I’m using 100% of my world energy but it’s boring to not have auto win

Why not just use your 1300 loot tickets? No more waiting…

I’m using some of them when i ahve too much work. But these tickets shouldnt exists

What if after you played a level a given number of times you get an auto win button. Maybe that number would be something like 1,000. Everybody has to grind but eventually you get to chill. Or maybe after 1,000 victories on a level the autoplay button goes at 5x speed.


all ideas are better than the situation with 1 hour waiting time per day

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If they speed the game at x2 or x3 in auto it would already be awesome ! :slight_smile:

That is a great suggestion, you should make a seperate topic for that one. Who would argue with faster autoplay?

20 chars of auto-agreement

This has been a major issue from day 1. Due to less time for gaming I will have to drop this at some point. I will finish season 3 at least. I just sought out a game that has autowin as long as you get 3 stars on the level. One button for win x1 and one for win x5 (unless you only have energy for 3 runs, then it will be 3 times).

The only way I’ll keep playing this is if autowin is implemented. Autoplaying late season 3 stages for avatars is extremely time consuming, boring and bad for your phone’s battery life.

Just give the levels stars here too. One star for win, one additional for no deaths and one for no items used. 3 stars = autowin. You have until February to do so Small Giant.

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