Please stop matching imbalance teams Alliance War

I understand there’s a lot of complaint before, but i just can recorded down all of the team points during this alliance war.

Left hand side is the team points of both alliances and the right hand side is the calculation, which is based on 100% win rate for both side, to show the real issue when matching 2 alliances with different teams to a war.

Please remember the bottom alliance is 22 teams and can launch 132 fights, and the top alliance is 23 teams and can launch 138 fights.

With 6 fights more, but the top alliance can earn more point by every fight! At the end the top alliance can won by 626 points when both teams have 100% win rate.

I think it’s better not to do this kind of matching,


Make another formulation for the war points, where the war should always be fair by both alliances at the beginning.

By the way
the top alliance war point is 118044
The bottom is 112724

It’s pretty much guaranteed that some matches are going to be uneven on number of teams just because of the math of the thing – there aren’t an even number of teams with every possible number of team members. Unless you want some teams to be randomly disqualified for not having enough opponents with the same number of members, which I think would anger even more people — imagine losing out on this week’s PoG task because you were simply not allowed to participate in war.

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