Please send help... my alliance has been hijacked by a rogue bard



@JonahTheBard what have you dragged us into here, exactly? LOL

Anyway, let’s just hope they aren’t prepared for the Spanish Inquisition, or the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog!


This thread may now be closed, as we officially and succinctly beat the opposing team in question. Many condolences to them.


I like the Bard family. Good people.

Tonights matchup, not so keen on. :frowning_face:


maybe we can disarm them with our shared wit and good humor :stuck_out_tongue:


@TGW how does one apply to join the ghost ship please?

Thank you.

While not married to the game, I always wack titans and use all my war flags. FTP so my roster is lacking, but I do my best. Willing to learn.

Send a message to one of the co-leaders (i.e. tag either in this thread for a response), #1 @sleepyhead or #2 @JonahTheBard . @TGW is having a break from the forums.

Thank you much @sft1965. Hope he is well.

Please to ask then @sleepyhead and/or @JonahTheBard how to apply to join the ghost ship?



heya @DeusNoctum ! thanks for the interest :slight_smile: i’ve messaged TGW about it, he’s going to do his typical vetting and thinking. hope you understand, we all went through it, the alliance started out as a small group that knew each other in real life. TGW and company have been really careful preserving that - most of the gang aren’t even on the forums. they are a lovely, friendly, welcoming bunch, but it takes consultation and consensus before we actually open up.

Keep you updated, ok? hope you’re not in a hurry :slight_smile:

thanks @sft1965 for the referral!

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Thank you much, but I have joined an alliance. All the best @sleepyhead. Regards to all.


congrats on finding a new home @DeusNoctum :slight_smile: stay in touch on the forums, best of luck and have fun !

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