Please review my losses

I would love to get some feedback on these two raids. Everything’s fair game: hero selection, placement, tile play, special usage, etc. Thank you!

Raid #1

Raid #2


After watching both raids I would say that boards on both raids were rather bad and not connecting much yellow and red tiles.

Attacking 4500+tp team with less then 4300tp team is huge lottery if you don’t get great board on more then 10 moves your dead.

Thing is your supercharging your opponent with useless tiles so he fires more frequently.

Your teams look very good and having healers against this kind of squads helps but Boldtusk even maxed emblemed can’t match against deep emblemed teams like on your second video. Sure you can do damage to opponent but look what he has, 2 debuffers and by that Wilbur is dead meat. Second thing is that both of them also debuff your Boldtusk and MN as well.

Forgot one key thing both of your opponent use 4 fast and very fast heroes so if board is bad you don’t have chance.


On your first raid, I think you should’ve done the green diamond match asap. I know it was 5-green from 1 hero under Seshat, however your other match increased Khiona’s berserk attack buff instead – which I’d say was much worse since Khiona and Ariel slash attacks dealt nasty damage afterwards.

Also I did see enough green tiles to possibly net you a charged Mother North about 2 turns sooner, which may have changed the game for you.

Raid 2 was brave of you to go with mostly mono, personally I would’ve gone 3-red and 2-yellow but that’s just my preference.

That aside though, you missed a HUGE diamond opportunity! I’m on bad quality net so bear with me with this screenshot:

Had you done this one, your next move would’ve given you a green diamond. Again possibly charging your M.N. sooner and changing the game for you.


1st) Stack against an average tank instead of the deadliest threat Gravey and bad luck with holy tiles.

2nd) Sadly 2 turns behind after the bad starting board.

Wouldn’t say that there were mistakes or bad teams. Your 2nd healer died in both battles and Mum isn’t very effective, if there isn’t a 2nd healer ready on the same turn, except she’ll bring 1 or 2 fully charged teammates back.

Maybe 3-2 would have been slightly better. If there’s an average tank, 3 against the threat or mono to get rid of the tank and the threat.

But who am I to review here? I estimate that I’m an over average spender but bad fighter. I just enjoy the fun of playing and developing my roster. I don’t have big goals.

Best thing is when 3 revenges will get lost against your def at a time when you’re already above 2700 cups.


Bring Rigard and let Leonidas at home:
you are fighting against clerics and Seshat that could resist his mana cut and while facing Gravemaker and Zeline not bringing anyone that could cleanse is a suicide

Suggested positions: Mother North - Joon - Onatel - Rigard - Gravemaker
Joon could resist Gravemaker’s DoT with Monk’s talent and Gravemaker wouldn’t be able to burn both of your healers at the same time.

Also, focusing on the healers while getting crippled is a bad move, you could had killed the right side and then focus against Ariel & Zeline.

While your healer is alive Zeline can’t kill any of your heroes save very unfortunate boards.

As @DaveCozy wrote you missed a possible green diamond that could have saved you some moves later


Whatever I had to say, @DaveCozy covered already. I can’t believe you didn’t make the green diamond earlier in first raid to charge your healer. I also can’t believe you didn’t make the green diamond in R2 with first 2 moves. Too many mistakes… Besides, 4-1 and 3-1-1 are ineffective in raids. Go mono or 3-2 for the best efficiency in tile damage and charging heroes.


@IvyTheTerrible Could you edit your post to include troop level and stats? I believe this to be analytical information overlooked by some players.

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I was unable to get back to this for a few days due to real life stuff. But I greatly appreciate all the feedback. Thank you for taking the time to watch and comment! This really helped me.


I agree with you - my team choice in raid 2 is particularly poor. In truth I brought my standard anti-green tank team and didn’t think about it. That’s probably fine against a 4000-4300 team, but it’s unsurprising that I got a poor result here against a stronger team. Wilbur is a disaster here and looking back I wish I would have run out Mother North, Evelyn, Kingston, Gravemaker, and Boldtusk.


In hindsight I agree I held the green diamond move in raid 1 too long. I did see it but as I was already behind and decided to gamble. With so many strong holy tiles finally accumulated in the middle three columns I rolled the dice on being able to take out Khiona. To be fair this does happen, but on the third move after the green diamond opportunity presents itself. As you and others noted, this was very unfortunate and I think the wrong decision, but not as egregious as some seem to feel. In a war I certainly make the green diamond immediately, but in a raid where win / loss is a binary result I think it’s a much closer decision.

Thank you for pointing out the green diamond in raid 2. I admit that I did not see the possibility.


Your points about team composition are well taken. I have had great success combating Ariel’s mana buff by essentially flipping it - using Onatel so my team is the primary beneficiary while suppressing them with Leonidas. I do not regret bringing him.

But your point about a cleanser is spot on. I now think I should have gone yurple with Costumed Rigard, Seshat, Joon, Leo, and Onatel (not necessarily in that order).


I always appreciate your posts as I think you have a sharp mind for the game. You are correct to point out my mistakes as that as what I have asked for and have self-selected two raids where I KNOW I played particularly poorly.

I have already noted that I believe I could have selected better attacking teams, but I do not agree with you about general team composition. 4/1 and 3/1/1 are perfectly viable (certainly not ineffective - that statement is hyperbolic), and I think you know I have the raid data to back that statement up.


I do not have the troop data for my opponents. I can take a reasonable guess at mine (as I won’t have moved them up much in the past four days, if that’s what you want. But I suspect you want the defenses, as stuff like, this average speed hero has a level 23 mana troop and will therefore have crossed a breakpoint, which is unfortunately exactly what I don’t have.

Thank You

Again, thank you, all. Woof - this was a little brutal as I definitely did NOT do well here, but it was a very edifying experience.