Please review Gobbler and his low defense

I agree. Gobbler defense is very weak. Unless his defense is boosted, then he will only be a trash hero.

SG please buff gobbler defense. It’s too funny to think wimpy gobbler have the strength to face santa, MN and delilah with their high defense. Gobbler will die first before he can eat their minion

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I agree Gobbler needs a buff. He has a skill that is becoming more and more needed. However he’s not strong enough to trust going against most that require his skill. He has potential to be very important in the game if he could not be taken out so easily.

Further thoughts:

==High Attack stat==

The thinking with Gobbler ( anti-minion) and Ameonna ( anti-reflect damage ) appears to be “these are niche heroes, what role can we also give them?”. The Devs’ answer appears to be high match/ board/ physical damage so they are good for 3 Strong color or 3 Neutral color teams. As a third hero of their color on a team, high attack stat is a priority.

It is possible Devs expect you to use a tough 4* like Rigard or Falcon paired with a Revive/ Miracle scroll.

Or it could just be their opponents are not yet released. We know Classes are rumored to bring minions to 1* to 5*. We suspect the Atlantis families are not fully released.

==1500 HP==

This would put Gobbler in line with yellow 4* Jackal attack stat ( 2nd or 3rd best yellow in game ), and red 4* Falcon defense stat ( 2nd or 3rd best red in game ).

I think Gobbler & Ameonna would be better with high defense stat. But depending on HP, this could make them OP.

I would also be fine with giving them both insanely high HP. Currently I do not use Revive/ Miracle scrolls since at least one hero has to be alive to use them.

Since 4* are the backbone of Empires, a rainbow team of 4* heroes with niche specials ( like Anti-minion, anti-reflect, anti-mana drain, anti-Gambler’s stance - yeah, that last one is a bit of a stretch) that can also out last most enemies long enough to use a Revive/ Miracle scrolls would be a cool addition.


Don’t have Gobbler yet, but would love to have him, yes the Def stat needs a little twiking, it’s just barely above maxed 3* s heroes, for a 4* hero that is expected to be in league with 5* s.

Similar to G. Jackal 's, I could hardly go with Jackal without Wilbur at least the share damage helps to keep him alive.

@Petri @Sara has SG ever think to buff gobbler defense stats? I mean oh come on, how can this super weak frog can be used properly to face santa, mother north, delilah, inari, redhood, to eat their minion? 450 defense stats totally ridiculous. (SG can nerf his attack, but buff his defense. Gobbler is not an attacker but he act as an utility hero, so he should be survive longer like buddy)

U know, when people use delilah, santa and mother north, they are also use another 5* strong team in their defense. So 4* gobbler with his super weak defense will die first even before delilah cast her minions.

Please consider it, gobbler need a little bit buff and love

:frog: ribbit… ribbit… give me some love… ribbit…

I think Gobbler will be one of the 1st for the emblems

Hey, I’ve got him as my tank…for the dysfunctional cup dropping team. And they still keep me in the diamond arena…most days.

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Did the order of Gobbler’s special get changed, as Kerridoc suggested? I note that the card posted in this thread lists damage THEN eating. However, looking at his current card it now lists eating THEN damage, implying a change.

Anecdotally, I recently fought him in an Atlantis stage, had some minions up, allowed his special to fire, and it seemed that the order was eating then damage. I’m not 100% sure because I was distracted; I had planned to block his special with Merlin, but a HUGE cascade filled his mana much earlier than I had anticipated, so I wasn’t ready to closely observe what happened.

Well, I can confirm that the text on his card changed. I’ll try farming whatever S2 level he’s the boss of and report back.

I dont have gobbler leveled yet, but think I read we can obtain 200def from emblems after collecting about 2000… lol. The bonus def would be awesome but seems like a ways off

Well i can confirm that Gobbler eats minions before dealing damage now.


Yeah, out of all my Druids he is going to be a fair ways down the list of priorities. You’re better off hoping that Gobbler spawns minion armor of his own for self-protection.

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Thanks for this. I came to research him because I realized his color is not beneficial when facing gold, green, and red (!) minion makers. Now I find he dies quickly. I’m sure Santa and Rudolph laugh when facing him.

should change his ATK <> Def , Gobbler need survive more to trigger his special, he is situational hero which is wont be used as sniper

I guess talent tree emblems can correct the def deficiency, this solution is currently more reachable than Devs changing anything.

Nobody want to waste the emblems for gobbler. It is not worth it.

The basic stats must be upgraded first by the devs

Personal opinion should not be generalized, surely there are people who will find him useful enough to use Emblems on him, moreso the Emblems can be reset, if people use emblems on 3s heroes how much more a useful 4 like Gobbler.

Which option is easier using emblems to revamp his low def and waiting for Dev to change its stat, a very very far fetched.
I don’t have him yet, when I do, I will certainly use Emblem to beef up his def, rather than waiting a very long time if at all for a change in his stat. That is my reasonable opinion, it may not be generalized.

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I have been very rude about gobbler in alliance chat and have nicknamed him “Roadkill” I lvled him up to 3/60, out of curiosity, and if I ever find myself with assention items to spare will throw them in his direction. I would be delighted to hear fom anyone who takes him all the way with emblems, since he should have potential??? Surely he must??? But I need to see it to beleive it at this point. But with any hero, you work with what you get, and while some heroes have been “fixed” it is very unusual, and therefore unlikely to happen. Which is just as well considering how many heroes I would love to see nerfed (coincidentally ones I don’t have :wink: )

I did take Gobbler up to 70+20 in beta just to see if that would make any difference. The short answer is No, emblems & the minion does not make him a viable minion killer because his defense is still too weak to face 5-star teams. Following the full defensive path of Hero Class (HC) upgrades gives him +103 defense and brings him up to 553. This is sitll way below the average defense stat of a 4-star hero before HC upgrades (628).

In practice the Druid’s minion generating ability doesn’t trigger enough to make up for the weak defense. Mind you I was testing in an environment where everyone else is 80+20 and usually not just 80+0. Even so, I still feel Gobbler’s still behind the curve competitively and would be bad in today’s environment even if his HC was maxed.

The only rational application for Gobbler is as a strong AoE hitter vs. 4-star (or weaker) defenses. In this context Gobbler should do Ok or slightly above average because he hits like a 5-star hero and his SS speed is a notch faster than the typical wide AoE hitter. Just think of a squishier Little John at Average speed and try to ignore minion eating entirely. Gobbler’s SS doesn’t hit with the same power as LJ’s does though, ofc. Maxing Gobbler’s HC down the offensive path seems promising, but pointless because of low survivability.


The use I have found for Gobbler is epic in events where you can run mono green. So, I emblemed him for that usage and man between him and the other green glass cannons, if the board is right the level is crushed.

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