Please return me the lost summon

To developer,

After I finish missions (100/100 and 40/40) on the top of left hand side, the system give me bonus I saw 2 daily summon (get from each mission) and others. The game shown only number 1 (red) on the summon gate. Why it lost one ? Please correct and return to me.

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Sounds like you might need to submit a ticket to support. In app, click menu at bottom, options (at bottom), and support (up top in the middle). It would help if you had screenshots to send them. They can review this and correct if necessary. I’ve done this before for a different reason with resolution in 24 hrs. Good luck and happy gaming:)


Thanks @Laciloulou for providing those instructions!

As this is an account-specific issue, it must be addressed by Support, so this thread will be closed.

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