Please Replace Pentagram Symbol

Dear SG,

I love this game. I chose it because it was a good vs evil game. I always thought the purple characters had made a decision to turn away from evil & use their powers for good - otherwise, why would they be fighting the Dark Lord???; nevertheless I have made a commitment from the beginning to feed away heroes that were too dark, no matter what the level. I can trade away all the heroes with pentagrams in the same way; however, I am asking you to replace the upside down Pentagram symbol so I can continue to recommend the game. The use of the Pentagram in Witchcraft and Satanism and dark arts blurs the line between a fantasy game of good vs evil and something more serious when it brings in this symbol. May I respectfully suggest another symbol such as a staff or several stars or a potion bottle? I am not comfortable recommending this as a family friendly game as long as the upside down Pentagram is in use.

Just a note:. You have chosen to make the “Holy” generic & inclusive, which I respect & support. By steering away from the Pentagram to something more generic, you remain consistent!!!

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.


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