Please REPAIR special Kadilen and Merlin

Eclipse Shield = Kadilen is NOT working!

The special is +74% defense against special skills
So only 24% of a hit of a enemy should hit when the shield is up…

But when the shield is up and working?!
A hit of -34% defense is still -34% defense (should be -8,16%, but is NOT!)
A hit of -34% attack is still -34% attack (should be -8,16%, but is NOT!)
etc etc.
could not check if demage is the same and not reduced?

I reported this in a mail to SG in update 1.9.5 , but stil nothing is done?

Arcane Blast = Merlin is NOT working as promised

special indicate that - the target automatically cast a Mindless Attack on a random ally when mana is full.

So when the mana is full the special will trigger to an ally or on it self
So i read when mana is full and the special is only demage it wil reflact the demage to an ally or it self.

Butt when the special is demage and -34% attack it does NOT reflact the -34% attack (and blindness etc.) as it should do as described.
When the special is demage to all enemy (5x200) it does not reflact 1000 demage to an ally or itself butt only 200 (strage because it special is 1000 demage, and that should reflact!)

So please SG, the response to the mail that it would maybe be taken care of in a update or so is past.
I think this should be a higer priority to FIX IT.

Merlin is working, just not very clear.

When the mindless attack is active and the opponents mana is filled, it doesn’t make them cast their special attack on an ally. It just makes them use their standard ‘slash’ attack, the one they get a countdown for. So casting Merlins special on Grimm wouldn’t make him use Ramming Pulveriser on his own team and drop their defences, he would just do a standard hit on one of them.
Considering that when Merlin casts arcane blast initially he already causes a lot of damage before the mindless attack part is activated, it’s pretty fair otherwise he would be way overpowered. It just isn’t made very clear in the description.

I don’t have Kadilen so don’t know much about her, nor Arthur who has a similar ability. Eclipse shield definitely reduces the actual damage as it’s supposed to, it is not supposed to reduce -defence or -attack although that isn’t made clear in the description either. What you’re saying makes sense, it just isn’t the intention with them.

For me Kadilen special don’t work like you intend.
The card clearly say that you have +74% defence against specials.

So if your hero has 100 of defence stats, against the special ability once she shoot she has 174 defence and still 100 against all the normal hits.
And if a defence debuff is on, she has 174 -34 = 140 defence against special ability and 66 against all the rest.

You count as the shield reduce the attack, but in reality increase the defence.

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I always figured that they meant 74% of the damage done by a special attack. I never gave it so much thought as you apparently did. I am curious how Kadilen’s special is supposed to work so I’ll follow this thread…

Yeah, Merlin card is confusing and only makes sense after trying it out. I pointed it out in beta, but no response or change from spg

Kadilens skill is only good against specials, unless im u derstanding your wrong, youre thinking it should decrease tile/slash damage from alrwady debuffed heros and it doesnt do that

I think he means that Kadilens special should also affect things like damage debuffs. So when an 34% defense debuff is cast and Kadilens special was up, he expects that it should result in a 8.84% defense debuff because 74% of the 34% debuff should be blocked.

Yeah, not works. Debuffs are what they are which is why there is overriding of specials
Kadilens shield is to damage

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To confirm what’s already been said, Kadilen’s and King Arthur’s shield does NOT affect the status ailments associated with a special attack. For example, Natalya’s special is complete unaffected by Eclipse Shield. I’m sure that SG is aware of this fact.

I agree with the OP that this design sharply limits the usefulness of Eclipse Shield, especially as many of the event and monthly heroes use status ailments. I would support a redesign of Eclipse Shield to reduce status ailments proportionally, as the OP suggests, even at the cost of reducing the % shielded.

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