Please remove family uniqueness restriction

Please remove the mandatory uniqueness of Heroes that have family. For example, if I have two or more Mermans of Atlantis, currently they will not get the family bonus because they are not unique to each other.

I say that since they are both comrades of the same army, then they should still get the family bonus.

Otherwise I am stuck with a redundant Atlantean hero that I wasted my gems on, as if all the obsolete classic Heroes weren’t bad enough on the Atlantis summons.

If you’re using in war or Ninja tower, a second copy can be useful anyway. In any case, you have to balance your roster size with how many heroes you want to keep. (Most of us have fed off LOTS of Atlantis 3-4-star heroes.) There is of course nothing stopping you from using two Mnessus on a team. They just don’t get a family bonus.

Personally, I’m happy with the family bonus as it is, though about a year ago, I would have reasoned as you are, so I understand where you’re coming from.

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Without the family bonus, he feels like he was another wasted summons just like if you were a regular season 1 hero, an obsolete hero.

Between two identical Heroes of the same family, there should still be that sense of comradeship that makes them better together.

And as I said, it still makes no sense for there to be no family bonus from a purely logical perspective. Armies have more than one soldier. And these soldiers help each other.

In a way I like the unique hero restriction as it forces us to use more than one hero.
I’d settle for partial bonus for non unique though.

This is a a partial argument for costumes. I know Yunan and costume Yunan count as two unique heroes.

If it were up to me, the costumes would be deleted and instead we would have actual new Heroes and new cultures.

For example, Vivica-in-Costume should have been one of the circus family.

The two Zulu fire women in costume look more like Africans wearing Mesoamerican attire.

Instead we should have had two new mesoamerican Heroes.

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