Please remove enemy aid rule for wars. Is so boring

Is the second war we are opting out to avoid this stupid and boring adition for wars. The other two we enjoy very much but this one… No fun at all…

I like it, variety is the spice of life.

It is a challenge so you have to factor it in to your team selection but I enjoy the difference to normal raiding.

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I enjoy also arrows and boost, but enemy aid become very annoying and the battles took so many minutes to complete. In our last war happens to lose after 10 minutes of struggle to see 2 healers heal themselves and after 2 turns healed by the aid. When you have to do an attack with 2500 power team in your last attempts is more frustrating, you have no chance. Where is the fun in that? Our alliance voted :no more enemy aid wars participation.

It might feel stupid to you my friend (to me too at first), but keep in mind that it goes for both teams. I appreciate the devs trying to, as my fellow member @JonahTheBard said, spice things up and challenges you to try different combinations of heroes. Maybe you want to suggest some tweaks instead so it’s a win-win for all of us?


I don’t want win win, I want fun… Heal aid is boring for us and for enemy also. Last heal aid war we have won,the enemy have more problems, usually we do a 4500 score, with heal aid we do 3000(and win) but anyway was the last with that rule for us. This spicy ingredient is not our taste

I know how you feel brother, because I was stuck in that situation too. The difference is that I knew I was doomed so I quit the match. With that being said I, personally, still think a bit of a challenge would make the game more fun! On the other hand, I wouldn’t think it would be the end of the world if the devs got rid of “heal aid”.

I don’t find it that big a deal with 20% heal. It is less of a faktor then the old arrows. Like this one just as much as the others.

Also I don’t mind if the battles do last a bit longer. I have spent a lot of time on leveling up my hero’s. Some of them I only use in war and I like to have chance to actually get to use the specials instead of the fight being over very quickly.


With my ‘benefit of the doubt’ hat on I agree with some here that the devs are just providing us with more varied game play modes. I am for that. I think it’s inevitable that people will like some more than others. If you have a lot of fast snipers and not many healers, the Enemy Aid wars will be the best for you. Heavy on healers and you’ll prefer the other modes. To the OP - My bet is you will find this mode more fun in a couple months when you’ve had a chance to level up some more snipers.

With my cynical (perhaps tinfoil) hat on, I see these modes as a continuation of the cynical reasons behind wars in the first place. Before wars, at most you needed 15-20 good heroes to mix and match for events and titans. Wars came in and gave us an incentive to level up 30 heroes. New modes that favor different specials push that up to closer to 40-45 heroes to really take the most advantage of all of the modes. More heroes=more mats=more time in game=more revenue (not necessary a causal link, but definitely a high degree of correlation.)

Honestly this isn’t either or. If it creates more game play variety and also more revenue for SG it’s a win-win in my book.

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We waited for the war updates only to receive most of the damage from the game itself with the arrow attacks. I mean, 7 arrow attacks in one battle and you are taken out solely by them, not the team you are battling. This makes absolutely no sense. We aren’t actually getting to go head to head with their team, we are having to take on the team and the arrow attacks as well. How are we supposed to compete with the arrow attacks?

Attackers have all the advantages already. Arrows have been nerfed and are not that big of a threat and they do 25% of health remaining so that means they won’t kill you. Other team had to have contributed somewhat or you wouldn’t have died.

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