Please refund money for VIP. It's of no use due to update

Yesterday i commented i would have my TC20 have in work like end of may, begin june. Now i can post it probably will only be around december (exagerated).

I paid for VIP for the 2 build option only. So please refund the money as i can’t get enough iron to be able to use it. Just happy i had 1550 already, but since the VIP pass is not longer of use, please refund.

Name op player: Grunnenstrikesback


Are you saying that you don’t produce enough iron on your own to use both builders ? And so, you were raiding to supplement your iron inventory ? But now that the loot from raids has been nerfed you can’t get enough iron to use the second builder effectively ?

What levels are you mines at ? They’re not at level 2 are they? I barely have mine at 14 and granted I have to wait a bit, but for the most part they do the job…


I was able to juggle getting my SH & TC up to 20 while using food to upgrade my mines to try to keep up with the iron demand. I did find that I was struggling to keep enough iron around but I was still able to do it with much less time than if the VIP program wasn’t around.

Are you serious? It’s usually a problem where to utilize extra iron while both builders are busy. But not the opposed. Do you have your iron mines leveled up?

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Man, if you don’t have enough iron just build with food or makes so that buildings don’t end in the same day.

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@Wormwood @SuuriKoira my mines are at level 17 (1) and 3 at level 18.

To be able to keep the buildings be built i will need tomorrow like 1900k. As i’m only gaining some 14 per hour that will after update not be enough. I only gain 340k per day. So instead of one day using raiding it will take much longer and i can’t use vip mode anymore. (oh yes, to get the 4th food storage to level to 12 quick it will be shorter, but not much).

This is not where i bought it for.

@FraVit93 i bought the vip pass knowing i produced enough iron (including raiding) to use the vip pass fully.

So, spend some food to level your mine. It will keep your builder busy while collecting more iron. Also, raiding is still there and you can gain some iron from it. No problems with this, as well as you can get some from farming provinces.
I don’t see any reason for pessimism.


Same here. I bought VIP for second builder. I was about to start SH16 which costs over 1mln of Iron. Without raids I will be waiting at least few days to get enough iron to start a second building which makes second builder totally useless. Such big change should have been implemented after VIP runs out so then everyone can decide if they want to continue it or not under new rules.

Please give me money back for the remaining VIP period: Rumcajs997

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fully agree with Rumcajs997, the amount of resources we are getting from raiding has dropped crazily, now second builder is no longer needed in multiple situations.
I`m no lawyer, but changing the conditions after buying something sounds a bit illegal…

I would also request refunding if that is not fixed shortly.

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This thread looks like responses are haves vs have-nots. Those of us with mostly maxed bases will not feel this nerf the same as those with strongholds and training camps below say 15.

This really is a blow to those chasing the old-ones.

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I will definitely survive and my life will not change much if I don’t get those 2$ or so back but I just simply won’t spend even 1$ more in this game anymore. As simple as that. And I have got a feeling that I won’t be the only one. It is not about those few $ but about being fair to each other. Changing rules AFTER I paid is far from being fair. I wonder what people that bought 365 VIP feel now.


As a counterpoint, I hate raiding & have avoided it as much as possible since I started playing in November, so my gains have all been from grinding & smart planning.

And even without raiding, I have my SH to 20, as well as all 4 mines & two TC’s…and there was never a time I wasn’t using both builders from the VIP pass since it was offered.

In short, it can be done, raid nerf or no raid nerf.



@Krystallin i just bought the vip pass because i wanted to speed up my building. To be able to speed it up (as the mines don’t give enough to get the higher levels TC’s within time for VIP It’s just not working.

Of course it will be useful when i get my SH @ level 20 and get 4 extra buildings, the first 10 levels of food storage will be quick enough. Just everything above level 11 for those buildings will take longer. As i have to build high level buildings just now i need the extra’s i get by raiding.

This is, like others already said “changing the rules after buying”. I’m very happy i just didn’t buy the 365 version. :smiley: @Petri will this be nerved?

I have had the VIP since it was rolled out. I generally raid each day only for the chest - because I use the summon tokens to level up my heroes and it passes the time. I don’t raid for iron or food. I play level 5’5 each day to get the monster chest - again, I like the prizes. Once I have the chests, I no longer raid, although I do still continue with 5’5 for the backpacks, troops, and random hero cards to assist in feeding my current heroes. I have only had 2 days since I started VIP where I couldn’t build 2 at once, because I had been sick and I hadn’t collected my iron during my down time. There’s no reason to panic 5 minutes after the rollout of the update that you all of a sudden CAN’T use the thing you paid for. It may take some different planning than you originally did, because you obviously need to focus on building up your mines and iron storage before the other things you planned, but it can be done. The minimal amount I get from raiding and level 5’5 isn’t enough to make the difference - the big difference is I have my iron storage and mines constantly maxed out to match my Stronghold. I focused on those first, and only now, am I building up the rest of everything. Plan better, collect more often (so they don’t yellow out), and you’ll be fine.

Can someone elaborate what the changes are , I only see in the release notes that they ham\iron yield are adjusted to take account of trophies.

Anyone know in more detail?

My apologies. I wasn’t clear enough…I’m in SH20, extra buildings & the rest of it right now instead of August because of the VIP! I didn’t get to 20 before the pass.

And it was all done without raiding.

Meaning the VIP is working perfectly well & raiding isn’t needed to get the job done. Not even for your situation.

Best of luck as you move forward!

Did they reduce your daily summons?
Did they reduce the number of daily gems?
Did they take away your second builder?
No. No. No.
Which coincidentally, is going to be SG’s response to this silly request.

I’m not sure how or why you are attempting to budget and timeline a TC20 in two months but maybe just play the game and let it happen.
Were you rerolling Raids until they met a certain Iron threshold? How else would you budget that?

Finally, maybe instead of kneejerking a refund request 30 mins after the update, you play it for a few days and we gather info on what the real effects are.

This Forum got a little weird today. Now I gotta go argue with the Loot Ticket babies!

Good luck & Enjoy your day.


“Loot Ticket babies” hahahahahaah

Of course they can respond like that. The same like I can answer: “In such case you won’t see even one more $ from me”. The thing is that I am the customer and I am spending my money here so if 50.000 other costumers respond like me, then will see who made a mistake.

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Come down to reality guys, this thread is embarrassing to read.

I’ve had both builders running non stop all month using NO iron as I was putting it all towards crafting. Level your watchtower and Mines while you wait on your Iron.