Please Read this before posting a bug

Man, what a dumpster fire this thread has become. Im guessing it’s because you unlock replying to posts before you unlock the permission to post a new topic. I was going to suggest locking the thread, but then I couldn’t post a suggestion like I’m about to do…

Do you think it would be worthwhile to add something about translation errors and a link to the master thread: In Game Translations for Foreign Languages - Please add your suggestions?


Its great idea, Link has been added in top topic :+1:


Thanks for the topic again @Expired I’ve been quite busy the past few weeks, but I’ve done my best to keep this thread updated. I cleaned it up a bit and added some more known issues to it :slight_smile:


Thank you, i really appreciate the help and modifications :wink:
I have been extremely busy in the last 2 weeks been travelling for work and just arrived home couple of days ago and will be travelling again this weekend
And its really hard to manage everything through the mobile :joy::joy:

I’m trying to update to the latest version, but when in the App Store it only shows the “Open” button instead of download. When I press the open button (since that’s the only option), it simply opens the game back into the previous version.

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Thanks @DaveCozy. One more suggestion - could you say something about not replying to this thread for support with bugs and issues? I know @ThePirateKing, @Expired and others have tried to do a good job responding, but it’s not the best place for it.

By the way, did you change your name recently?


Done :slight_smile: And nope, my name has always been DaveCozy in forums.


I try my best to respond for every bug that someone posts here, but recently been travelling for work and now am on vacation for the forst time since oct 2018 so i dont login much to forum or the game
I was willing to ask the mods when i get back if its possible to have a dump thread where its locked (hidden if possible?) and they can just put all the unrelated posts over there (you can start with this post :stuck_out_tongue:)
To help shorten the topics and keep it clean, they can keep the posts where there are good questions or good informations, or edit the main post for that info and then move the post
Its just a suggestion and i dont know if it will help clean out other topics as well

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Its all good :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve been filling in for you :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately not a bug. Just the nature of RNG… Sometimes it’s a really bad spate and others it gets really good.

Regarding the summons, this thread maybe of relevance:

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Hey i think there is a bug with grimble. He have a special ability that makes him inmune to fail.
But when i use ranvir special he still fails.

I know ranvir mistic virtue is a positive stuff but i was specting grimble to keep the good part and avoid the bad -35% precision.

If you read it carefully the last part says “doesnt apply to status effect from allies”


Agreed. In spanish there is a small mistake… at the end instead of allys says

Wich mean it doesent affect positive effects

Could you please share it at This topic also could you read the below screenshot of Onatel it should match Grimble, if it has the same bug please post it at the other topic as well

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