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When Krumpus has taunt active, Kage is not able to dispel the taunt when he fires his special. Kage is able to dispel BK’s taunt with his special so why not Krumpus?? I think this is a bug.

I always use Kageburado against Krampus and never had an issue, he always dispels Krampus’ taunt.
Kageburado can’t dispel Krampus’ other skill though:

  • The caster gets +44% defence, and a further +10% increase every time they are hit during 3 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled.

Do you have video or pictures to show the bug?

Thanks. Maybe there was something I was missing. I’ll check again.

Strongest minions buffed by frosth are replaced when you summon more minions if you have 3. Was this supposed to be designed This way? Or is it a bug. It makes his special pretty useless if used with other summoners or use his special multiple times.

It’s working as intended.
A hero can own up to 3 minions, therefore the older minions will be replaced by the newest ones.

Encountered a bug today when fighting Heimdall. Killed him, but his ghost stayed throughout the battle, and his mana bonus death benefit did not spread to allies. Can’t find another Heimdall to test out the bug again, but maybe it’s just me. Anyone else experienced this?

Photos attached (since I can’t upload a video) from beginning to end.

Game crashed, for almost 30 min now

I need to contact support. I encountered a bug in the game and want help with it. When I train Rare heroes I don’t get them. Timer runs down and nothing happens. Please contact me directly. Thank you

Bonjour ! :relaxed: Je voulais demander , je ne sais pas si c’est un bug ou une nouvelle politique. Je suis cheffe de l’alliance " La Feyre " comptant 30 joueurs. Hier nous avons eu le bonheur de voir apparaître un titan rare 12* violet. Nous avons rempli 2 barres de harpons et l’avons tué avant la fin. Nous avons tous eu des butins réduits , aucun objet d’évolution ( tabard ) et pour certains même pas une pièce de titan ! Quelqu’un pourrait me dire quoi faire pour le signaler ? C’est la première fois que cela nous arrive . Merci beaucoup :relaxed:

Game freezes while training heroes.

Twice today the game froze while training my heroes in the roster. It happened both on Wi-Fi and celular signal.

I’m playing on a Black Shark 4 with Android 11.

Both times happened when resuming the game after a long idle period. The game’s loading screen loaded, it confirmed the Google play account was connected, both times I collected all the goodies that had been generated while I was away (good, iron, trained heroes, recruits, etc), then I went to the hero roster to train my heroes. Both times, when I tried to train Sonia after training some other heroes the game hung and had to kill the process and open the game again for it to run.

I have been playing for +2 years and have never received a legendary (4★) dark troop of any kind. I get rare (3★) troops all the time but I haven’t received a single dark 4★troop

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