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Bir yılı aşkın bir süredir bu oyunu oynuyorum ama daha 5* kahraman gelmedi yeni başlayanlara bile geliyor ama bana gelmiyor neden

5* kahraman istiyorum

C’est surtout que ce forum est totalement pourri dans sa conception et les modérateurs des ayatollah. En fait plus je joue plus je me rend compte que ce jeu est bien pourri. La GDA c’est beaucoup de chances, les loot des coffres sont nuls la plupart du temps, les invocations à 3,5 euros pieces c’est du vol caractérise, les grilles des titans 4 etoiles sont si pauvres dans votre couleur que c’est à se demander si c’est un jeu ou un examen pour un diplôme. Bref un petit jeu pour le trajet maison - boulot et boulot maison. Définitivement SG ton jeu c’est une arnaque au cerveau.

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Ahoj prosím mám prosbu. Potřebuji přesunout svůj současný účet na Androidu do iOS a nejde mi generovat Link s kódem. Jak mám postupovat?

I cashed in 5 food bundles and must have done it too quickly becuase it didn’t register. What’d I I need to do?

Tested two raids, when Malosi fires his special at Alfrike, she is still able to cast her mindless status effect. Before, she would only cast cubes to lower health…


Not sure if this the correct spot to post this.
Not even sure if this is a bug or just luck. In the current tournament I face the same opponent 3 times in Row!
Twice yesterday evening and then once again this afternoon.

It is not uncommon to be matched more than once with the same opponent in tournaments. Have a look at this existing thread:

Thanks I’ll check that out

I just used Gafar’s skill (-100% healing, can’t be cleansed) on Rafael in war. Rafael still healed through the block, and the lighting bolt was still on him after he healed. Is this a known bug?

No bug:

Thanks, at a minimum Rafael’s skill needs to be reworded to state that the 50% healing can’t be blocked. As it is now it’s inaccurate, and impossible to know without prior knowledge.

Brynhild is preventing me from dispelling status ailments.
I first noticed it during a raid, bit didn’t think twice. The status effect on my heroes states that they are immune to dispels. However she should still be able to dispel enemy ailments, correct?

War score.
Saturday may 8 12:15
I won a battle in war but recieved a 0. There were 2 of these from my alliance today.

I have a bug in the mythical view, I watch the advertisement and it does not appear that I watched it and not the reward, and there is no other advertisement, it stays the same

I have made lvl 41 on my account and my flag’s didn’t refill. Also the message “MDF97 reached level 41” didn’t show. The last experience points was made from ticket’s on map 1 stages.

Il n’est pas rare que ce jeu utilise un algorithme asthmatique … MDR

Faut dire qu’il y a de moins en moins de monde de qui joue alors …

My game froze up just as I was getting ready to finish off the last of the ninja tower level I was on. I was on wifi at work. I tried moving to data and back with no change. Let it run for about 10 minutes. Trying turning to auto play, and tried using battle items, all to no avail. See the screenshot I took for details

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