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After they’ve been hit one or two more times, they die.
Also noticed playing multiples of a color…when hit with shields with no hero and shields with 2 of one color successively (one turn) still registered as no hero and only got 1’s.

I’m leveling up Kiril for almost a week now, wtv the amount of heroes I feed him, the special skill didn’t level up.
In the activity report it shows only the 3 stars heroes that I fed him and nothing about the uncommon and common heroes, I don’t know if that’s by design.

Please help, I’m wasting my heroes without being able to level up its special skills.

Just be patient. Nothing is guaranteed on the Special Skill going up unless it is 100%.

Check this thread:
[Master] - Hero Level Maxed but Special Skill is Not

This is by design. the recent activity log only shows 3* and above items. So Uncommon (2*) and Common (1*) feeders don’t show up.

Next time you notice it, it would be helpful to grab some video / screenshots to show. Helps in making a diagnosis/ explanation.

This is normal. Tiles of a colour when you have no hero associated will always do 1 damage per tile. Regardless how many tiles get sent and where in the cascade they hit.

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Yes…normal if I have no red hero and hit a target, but if I have no red hero, and two yellow heroes, and hit a target with red shields (yielding 1 point says ‘no hero’), but it combos sending yellow shields…those shields should not say ‘no hero’ and net 1 for each…they should be calculated out for their damage and multiplied by 1.5 for the combo. Right!!!

If you have 2 yellow heroes and make a yellow match then yes, there will be damage… UNLESS the tiles miss.

Do you have a screenshot or video of what you are claiming?

I’ve made it here, and this is the only place I can type, so on 2/14/2021 at 5:30 AM I did the event summon, 10 single and multiple 10x tools, I got 2 HOTM bonus draws but didn’t receive them. I’ve tried contacting an agent multiple times but nobody joins the chat.

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