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Mine shows the same
I can’t buy gems either and my connection is fine

I am wondering what means lvl 5?!

That’s your Google Play account level.

Nothing to do with E&P.

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Costume bug. When attaching a costume to a leveled hero it reverts the hero back to an unleveled hero; in this case it was skittleskull. I then tried to equip the costume on to a new unleveled skittleskull, trainer the costumed skittleskull, however the training didn’t work, I lost that feeder hero. This happened about 10 minutes from now.

This will be great for us all :slight_smile:

Hiya @Lordsucksalot

Unfortunately neither of the things you are reporting are “bugs”

I suggest you read the Costume FAQs thread:

For the bug “a leveled hero it reverts the hero back to an unleveled hero” refer to Q2

For the bug “I then tried to equip the costume on to a new unleveled skittleskull” refer to Q3
Also on the second ‘bug’ here both the costume AND the hero have to be levelled separately. The Costume ascension point cannot exceed the base hero…

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Hi, just completed the epic and rare part of Avalon. I didn’t receive Valor points for the second completion. Can somebody advise me on what to do? Please and thanks

The second tier needs 2x stages to be completed.

Valour points are only awarded on full completion of a tier… Need to finish either Legendary on Avalon or some of next month’s challenge event.

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Thanks Guvnor!! Much appreciated

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I’ve managed the 3 stages of the event but I can only get 2 rewards. The 3 one is not recognised.
Even when the 3 stages are completed

By event I mean Avalon, by rewards I mean the path of valor

How is it you pay for the Valor bonuses and get screwed out of your bonuses? It says i won the ten event tokens but when i go to draw my event hero it only shows i have 9!!!

I just won a raid but lost? Log says I won. Raids say I lost…I think I lost trophies? I have the portion to rematch. Something. Went wrong

I just experienced a Visual glitch with the revive talent but cannot post in that thread as it just closed 8 hours ago due to aging.

Fighting this guy:

Just showing for roster.
His Poseidon was the last man standing and he fired into Ariel who had yellow reflect active from Ursena. He disappeared like he died but the game did not go to Victory:

At this point I wasn’t sure if I would get credit for the win so I activated the recorder. I noticed a tile blinking for a suggested move so I created the yellow diamond. It looks like the Wounding from Grimm was active and finished the fight.

I have a 20s video of the final action but no YouTube account. Can I still post video here? Is it needed?

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