Please Read this before posting a bug

As there many bugs always recurring in the bugs category, I decided to do this topic to help with common bugs, reduce merging, repeating same answers and help find answers easily for common bugs

To help this topic be more readable I have summarized each section, please click on “Summary” to expand the section

If you’re still experiencing an issue after reading the below sections, please create a new topic under #bugs-issues or create a new support request through #contact-support

NOTE – if your game account has been suspended and you believe this to be a mistake, please go to the following topic:

What to do first!


We will talk about type of common bugs found here in the forum and the solutions, but please before posting any kind of bug do/read the following:

  • Always make sure that you signed in into Google Play/ Game Center to avoid loss of game progress
  • Make sure the game is up to date
  • Make sure there is enough space on your device for for all apps run smoothly
  • You have your account# saved securely with you AT ALL TIMES (this will be changed when re-installing, changing phones, playing on multiple devices)
  • Sharing a video or picture to show the bug (game freeze screenshots are useless as it cannot be verified)
  • Have the exact date/time this happened as support will likely ask you
  • Check the following topic
    [Wiki] *NOT* a bug FAQ
  • If you didn’t find the solution here or you tried the solutions and didn’t work try the search function for similar bugs before creating a new topic

Version Bugs


Caused after releasing new update or patch to the game and its general to all players such as the revive issue, or the auto correct and capitalization.

Mods please help to keep the links for all known bugs related to versions here, till they are solved

Version 32.1 Release Notes & Status

[KNOWN ISSUE] Game freezes during Titan attack when Lady Loki Special goes off

[KNOWN ISSUE] Ameonna bug

Some players get connection lost and other connectivity issues after updates, usually rebooting the device fixes that

Account Bugs


Related to the account such as purchase bugs, lost account, lost items/heroes/gems/etc.

If you suspect that you lost an item or hero please check in game:
Options -> Support “Recent Activity”

Make sure that you didn’t use them anywhere – in many cases, the player used that specific item or gems.

Contact support directly without posting in the forum. Remember the forum is for player to player conversation only – we can’t help you here with any billing or account issues!

How to Contact Support (Version 31 Onwards)

Sudden visual bugs or glitch


Sometimes the player will see a black area on the map or a hero is pixelated or any other visual bug that wasn’t there before and there was no update released this is usually fixed by restarting the game or/and your device and if it didn’t work try clearing the cache of the game

Android (Settings > Apps > Empires > Memory > clear cache)

iOS I didn’t find a way to clear cache for an app other than re-installing, before re-installing please check the following:

  • You have signed in game center
  • You have your account # saved (just incase anything happened)
  • You have stable connection when downloading the game

Game freeze


Or got kicked out of the game – this usually happens if you have unstable connection, connection dropped and got back, your device memory is full or almost full (this will cause the device to get laggy), your device is old or outdated.

This can’t be helped unfortunately, you can only take precautions – such as emptying your device storage or ensuring that you’re connected to a reliable hotspot before playing. You will NOT get your energy back regardless on what activity you were doing.

PS: in very rare cases this happens when there is a server issue and usually SGG will give a flask to all affected players

Costumes bugs


Read This Topic before submitting a bug regarding costumes. Most likely it was designed like that, as it’s a new feature and it might get confusing. If you didn’t find you answer you could ask and we would help.

If what you are suggesting is an improvement to the way costumes work or are implemented, then that belongs under the #ideas-feature-requests category

Hero Academy


This is a new feature, and I know most will have questions regarding it for more information please visit the following topic
🤓 Hero Academy! FAQ, Links, Guides and Discussion

V2 Alchemy Lab Bugs


As the new Alchemy lab has been released many people are getting confused about it and have many questions
please check the following topic and make sure its not working as intended before submitting it as a bug
🎲 [v2] Alchemy Lab FAQ & Discussion

Foreign language or translation error


Please go to This thread and post there

Creating a bug topic


Before creating a new topic please consider and do the following as it will help the developers and people to help you:

  • Use a good title for the topic
  • try to add some tags for the topic for what the bug is related to
  • Videos if possible of the current bug (specially if its during a fight or only caused by doing a special pattern of moves)
  • A screenshot if it will show the bug 100% (same as the revive issue screenshot was enough to show the bug it self)
  • The version and build of the game (Options >>> About) you will find it on top right
  • If you believe its a phone related state your phone manufacture, model, operating system and it version

Latest Version info


Version 33 Release Notes & Status

or check #news-announcements for all previous version notes and news


Please refer to the first post for latest updates


This needs to be stickied, stat!


This is definitely great. Also, problem is most users don’t use the search function and often create duplicate posts for the same bug without checking if someone has already reported it or not. :slight_smile:


New point added to the original post


Good idea :slight_smile: I’d also suggest including this link:

Edit; I suppose I can help too since you asked us to keep it updated for you :slight_smile: I’ll check in when I am not running errands to help out


I removed the auto close timer, and pinned it to the top of #bugs-issues :slightly_smiling_face:


Known bugs has been updated with the release of V25


I completed Battle Items II quest but didn’t receive the loot. Specifically I noticed I didn’t receive the lumber or loot because I was at zero


Did you check in your recent activity log? :slight_smile:

Go to Options > Support >Recent Activity

Can’t purchase gems :frowning:

hope this will be fix before event ends :frowning:

This is likely a connection issue.

Possible, got fixed ,thx, whose strange for me that I could making transaction with gems but not buying them …

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Just want to let you all know that, as of version 25.0.1 reflect buffs are now blocking dispells as well:

I updated the above topic to include that updated solution

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What we do if some one left the alliance, before war but he is enlisted on the field as an ex member he did not edit his team, and he is a sitting duck, with only 4 heros, the war did not start yet, I am afraid we will lose beacuse of him.

Good news: He will be removed from the battlefield and placed in spectator mode.

Bad news: I expect he’s been counted for matchmaking, so you’ll be facing a stronger opponent with one more member on the field …

I’ve been playing for almost a year without a single 5* red, I have 2 tc20, have pulled from Epic portal and Elemental portal each dozens of times. All while other alliance members, who’ve played not nearly as long have multiple 5* reds!

Welcome to the forum
Thats just bad luck, me and my brother started the game with 2 weeks different and we both buy the same offers, he waited for 14 months for his first dark hero and it was from TC20 and at the same time I was maxing my 4th dark hero
So it is all about RNG


Man, what a dumpster fire this thread has become. Im guessing it’s because you unlock replying to posts before you unlock the permission to post a new topic. I was going to suggest locking the thread, but then I couldn’t post a suggestion like I’m about to do…

Do you think it would be worthwhile to add something about translation errors and a link to the master thread: In Game Translations for Foreign Languages - Please add your suggestions?


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