Please Read this before posting a bug

That is your NORMAL defence team.

Your war defence team is accessed & edited via the War Battlefield.

Go to:
Alliance Menu -> Alliance War Tab -> War Battlefield Button.

Then find your name/defence & then update/ correct it.

Great. So then I assume I am not showing up for that option because I just joined this alliance today? And therefore haven’t had my name available to load a team?

You need to have joined the alliance BEFORE matchmaking phase ended.

Wars are broken into 3 phases:
Phase 1 = matchmaking
Phase 2 = Preparation Phase
Phase 3 = Battle Phase


On July 26, 2020 I purchased a second builder and I was charged an still haven’t received my second builder

Second builders comes with the VIP
As a normal builder you need enough resources to upgrade a building and you cant double upgrade the same building at the same time

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I have the same problem. Also I noticed that I get the same hero multiple times I think the portals are rigged. I am going to stop spending money on this game

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My ally chats been frozen for days now. Reboots or re installs do nothing. Help pls.

Hay algún cambio que desconozco? Zimkitha acaba de curar el ataque especial de Natalya que es indescartable, culpa de eso No pude frenar el ataque de mi rival en la guerra y perdí el ataque en guerra. Estoy más que frustrado, culpa de un error de eso perder tan injustamente es de lo peor

Are there any changes that I don’t know about? Zimkitha just cured Natalya’s special attack which is indescribable, because of that I couldn’t stop my rival’s attack in war and lost the attack in war. I am more than frustrated, fault of a mistake of that losing so unfairly is the worst

Can you show us a screenshot of the team you used and the opponent team?

If I have the phone connected to the car via bluetooh with the game on, the game will freeze when the bluetooth is disconnected.

I had the same problem about a year ago, after contacting support regarding this issue they told me to re-install the game and it did fix the problem
please take all safety measurements before re-installing you can find them in the main post of this topic

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Hye there how im from kyber knight…how can i claim my team mate reward as he finish the titan for 1st ranking but cannot get the bonus reward as display…she name is spartacus ladys…tq

If you are talking about a rare titan, then the bonus reward is totally random. Anyone from the alliance can get it, irrespective of the rank. Sometimes even no one gets it at all. :slight_smile:

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The titan was dragon rooster.we defeated it on 5 sept.2020…1st ranking was spartacus ladys…bonus chance is pink potion but non of us get it…so why should it display on board…

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That’s because it’s a bonus “chance”… just like eveything else in the game which is dependent on probability. I have killed rare titans for almost 2 years, and I have got the bonus item only twice… some players are lucky and get it more. But at the end of the day it’s all a game of chance. :slight_smile:

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Ok…thank with the explanation…but as player we do need our right…if that so dont display any bonus chance…that make can make some player frusting in attck and play this game…tq…


Training camp collect all heros works on my 1st users but on my 2nd user I have to collect them 1 by 1,

Its not software or mobile issue as the same user on both mobiles collect 1 by 1 while the other user has the collect all , i can’t any option or why this happen

You need atleast one Training Camp level 20 in order to get the “Collect All” button. So I am assuming that your 1st account has a TC20, but your 2nd one does not.

Pierdolone oszustwo Empires i puzle on wygrał w najazdach że mną gdzie sprawiedliwość

My name is Jason, or TrIxTeR and I am the leader of the alliance Trixin Aint Eazy. I read as much as I possibly could but I found nothing pertaining to the bug and issue I had today. First thing that happened why I believe it was my first hit against our Titan and the game completely froze meaning everything was normal except I could not move any tiles the counter was still running I think I may have made one or two moves and it just froze until the Titan hit had expired.
The second bug, i received tc20 twice today, the first time I cannot remember but I believe I got either renfeld or Gunner , but I want to be honest because I just received a second tc-20 today and it was Thorne. I mean I will gladly accept him as kind of a constellation prize for my titan hit freezing. But I already have one of him maxed out and another one or two in my roster so if you find other people reporting bugs of titan head freezing I honestly believe I would rather have a Titan flask rather than thorn my even if I get nothing I just want small giant to be aware. Sorry about the grammar and this punctuation but I am on a city bus using talk to text but I did pull Cheshire Cat today and finally got not one but two of the hotm so not overall a bad day I just do not want to see too many people get screwed over including small Giant and going on my 3 + years now plus having a great knowledge of most of all the heroes their abilities strengths and weaknesses I would absolutely love to have more of a part in this game I would love a beta account and do believe with my business background and love for this game in which I equal it to how much I used to love Call of Duty at one point ranking in the top 50 in the world I truly believe I could do just as well as anchor Nittany Lion Raw where is Graydon Gyros full time and rolling in some of my own opinions and my own character. Just food for thought letting you all know about the bugs I experienced some of my alliance members are reporting similar things thank you and keep up the hard work I run in Alliance that is open two brand new members of vampires I absolutely adore watching them grow

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