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Nope. It’s by the design of the game that you’ll have a maximum of 4 mines and 9 farms. There’s currently no way to exceed or alternate those maximums. :slight_smile:

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Many thanks for your quick turnaround. So will plan accordingly. Can this still be assessed in the next round of alignments lol

I can’t seem to post a new topic. I have the most update version on my iPad but I am consistently getting the error “hero not found” when fighting battles both against monsters and pvp. Instead of hits with number of damage, it says this error instead. Is this a known issue? I haven’t seen it when searching.

I’m assuming you are talking about the “hero missing” message whenever you battle with a stack color team…probably like this?

Are you using a rainbow team?

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Hi, my friend sisi from alliance BG-BG-BG CHEERS dont have a VIP Dragon. She pay today

hello, i think i’m experiencing a bugg.

i’m trying to do my first run in the challenge event and after i click to enter in 1st round it says that i lost connection

Hi @cancelz;

To my knowledge this isn’t a widespread thing (no other reports).

Some possible solutions client side:

  1. Switch from Wifi to Cell/Mobile data (or vice versa)
  2. Force Close & restart the game
  3. Restart the device
  4. Clear the game cache (NOTE: only do this if your game progress is synced to Google or Apple account)
  5. Uninstall & reinstall the game (NOTE: only do this if your game progress is synced to google or apple account).
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I already done that and its same and it is a game problem, my internet is 1gbs.
The game loads much slower than usual and i still cant play in challenge event and i cant do anything and its really annoying

Whenever opens my WATCHTOWER, at the the time of food and iron full at watch tower, it shows empty

Has anyone run into a level that will not register as completed? I have beat Atlantis 3-8 (Buccaneer Bay) several times on hard, but it still shows as if I didn’t beat it. I have beat every prior level on hard, but can’t advance any farther even when I win. Any tips?

This seems like something you should submit a ticket for. Go to options>support in game. Include a screenshot of the level completion summary – the one that shows 3-8 at the top and all the items you received by beating the level.

Caption of diamonds destroy all minions from target didn’t work against opponent

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Was the opponent Telluria? Her innate ability is to resist minion removal.

I was being stupid and had failed to select “hard”! The game is fine. I’m just an idiot!

Yes it was, that character is so annoying… thank you for the help.

June 18 update made me unable to log into the game. Almost everything, but I haven’t done clean reinstall, because of fear of losing my progress. The game get stuck in the small giant games logo and is unable to progress any further.

My hero Miki is not functioning its skills. The enemies are not silenced when Miki special skill is utilized. I just noticed it yesterday but it was all good before.

was he blinded? was the heroes got resist or any type of buffs?
a screenshot will always help and never hurt

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