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Could you add a possible solution to this is to re-start your device? I’ve run into the lost connection “bug” so often that I try to remember to reboot my tablet after getting an update.



Also updated the knows issues and the latest release notes

Been very busy lately that i forgot to update the links
Maybe now with the curfew we got i get a chance to catch a breath



Quick question, there’s a visual glitch that has been reported in the Bugs & Issues in several previous versions before. The way to solve this glitch is the same solution as “no available ads for mystic visions” which is to just restart the game. I took a video of the issue, but given that the solution is fairly simple and that it has been noted in several different versions, would making this post be redundant? Just wanting to make sure, thanks!

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What are you doing? Are you trying to get suspended?


Kiril is not healing when the special is used in raid tournaments. It’s adding to the losses that I’m receiving.

The game is constantly crashing since the latest update. Usually when clicking on something in the screen or just before I win a battle.

Hiya @Dirt; No bug here. The current Raid Tournament is BLOODY BATTLE. This special rule means that no healing occurs

Need to work on matching for trophies getting bad

I did not get credit for playing 24 times in the war on path of valor.

The progress right now is on tier IV (4) so it should be 0/24
You have completed all previous tiers

Hi I did a lot of raid in diamond arena but did get credit for it can u look in to it thanks.

@Dragondofly1, this forum is made up of players. If you have a problem like this in game you need to file a support ticket. Click here #contact-support for directions.

That being said, we have found that many times players get the credit, but don’t realize it (i.e. moving from tier ii to tier iii), sometimes the game collects the points for you, and rarely it seems that there is a lag with the servers

Thank you for the info. I am at tier v and I fought +2400 trophy enemies and still not get credit for it, the reason I know is that I am still at 0/60 raid win and I just beat 3 more +2400

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How am I supposed to react when I recieve Bane and other 3 star player in Atlantis summon!!?
I need my Altantis summon back. I collected two coins it was waste of time collecting all those coins using tanks!!
We are 5 guys playing on 1 IP maybe that’s why it is happening with us!!
I need my summon back not even a single 4 star or 5 star player.

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