Please, please help me

Please, help me.
On 10 April. only 5 years old, my little son paid diamond item unknowing.
It’s not little thing to me almost $120.
I was send e-mail to your company, and I trid to call your company but I could’t contact with anyway.
You may take back all the goods in the amount.
I will also delete the app.
And I deleted the application and reinstalled it for chat with staff, but already all the item that paid disappeared and started again with a tutorial.
How can I do?
I’m terribly sorry about this happening.
I will lock the payment window so that this doesn’t happen from now on. I didn’t think my child would know how to make this payment because he was too young.

Please, please…give me my money, refund it and help me.
I’ll wait your reply.

If you need my GPA ID, I’ll tell you.
Please reply.

Unfortunately, the forum only consists of fellow players just like you. If you need assistance in recovering your account, you would need to contact the customer service directly. If your previous account was linked to Google Play or Game Center, then simply make sure that you are logged in with your correct email, then your progress should load automatically.

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@junmis, as @ThePirateKing said, this is a community forum and we’re all predominately players like yourself.

You need to #contact-support:

Relating to the refund, unfortunately the SGG does not do refunds of purchases. You can try making a refund claim via Apple/ Google, but note that Support will retract the purchased goods (taking you to negative if you do not have the available gem balance).

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