Please Place my Purple People!

I’ve recently had a surge in Evil in my ranks. And I just can’t seem to focus! I need a training order to stick to.
Please share any insights on who should be focused on and finished. THANKS!!!

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Proteus, Merlin, Cyprian, Tibs, Obakan, in that order.

Proteus, Tibertus, Merlin, Rigard, Obakan

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i guess we can agree on first and last :stuck_out_tongue:

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Proteus first…after that it depends on what you need.

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Proteus. If you don’t have a cleanser go Rigard next. Otherwise Tiburtus - Cyprian - Obakan

It depends on who you already have in your roster. But like people have already said I would focus on proteus

Proteus! He is a god in challenge events and wars

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