Please Nerf telluria

Why continue to nerf ? I’m cheap to play and now I can wipe out Tella tank quite often. It’s not the big deal anymore.
Just accept challenge guys.
Anw, Nice Sunday.


Tellys don’t bother me anymore either. But they are a rough go for our lower members.

Usually the ones that bother me the most are the ones I’m not familiar with. Some of these Valhalla heroes… since I haven’t done my proper research on every hero in the game, I just go in to most fights gung-ho and color stacked.

Halfway through the fight I’m like “wait, what the heck just happened? Somebody just healed everyone, they all have shields up and 3 of them just revived back to full health, and my team’s nearly dead?”

I’ll take a TellyVela over that insanity any day. At least with TellyVela, I know exactly what to expect.


One hero army. If the special goes off the battle is over. Get rid of it or slow it down. Honestly it makes me never want to play again.

Слишком много при средней мане. Слишком сильные прислужники.

Firstly, welcome to the forum.
Во-первых, добро пожаловать на форум.op

FYI @ZloiSergik English is the language used in the main forum.


Too much with average mana. Too strong minions

This is nothing new. It has been pointed out several times in this very forum. Several threads have been created and merged into one. You should have used the search option. Either you adapt and improve your gameplay, or pick another game. If you choose the latter, do make a last ditch effort by visiting here: Farewells - MASTER List - Add your favourite past forum great or player who quit [WIKI]. Good luck.

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Strategies to help you

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Strategies… yes rob a bank and buy heroes you need :joy:

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Have a read of it there are some helpful team setups discussed there

Only People That Don’t Have Telluria Feel This Way, I Don’t Have One At All And I Don’t Believe She Should Have Been Nerfed At All Because They’re Are Heroes Available To Shut Her Down, Verity

Don’t ask to nerf Telluria anymore, they will nerf some other hero instead, like they did with Vela… :laughing:

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Nice strategy. Spend a ton of money so you can get a bunch of heroes that no one has. Thanks!

I will be happy if they will nerf Finley Ursena and Killhare to deal with Telluria.

So, tell me, what do you have to work with? Let me do a video based on your roster.

How does this “Git Gud” argument keep you from falling asleep once you never change your attack squad from fighting the same defense every time you log on for months on end?

Я конечно извиняюсь но сколько можно ныть сделать нерф Теллурии не можете играть удалите игру! Уже надоело нытьё!

Well I belive you had it wrong there.

Я дошёл до 61 уровня и итог удалил игру так как она стала не интересной постоянный нерф героев !

Да причем здесь теллурия если камня нет на поле , да хоть твоя команда будет 5000хп ты все равно ничего не сделаешь, учитесь играть и находить связки а не ныть сделать нерф итд.

Please remember that the official language of the forum is English :slightly_smiling_face:

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