Please Nerf telluria

For all that is holy NERF TELLURIA
There is no reason she is an average speed hero and guardian owl is very slow and mother north or lady of the lake is slow. Telluria should at least be a slow mana hero.

Ah, the :mag: search tool really is handy to check, if a discussion already exists on new threads. Strangely, this is Not a new idea.



@Sarah2 is right. Please use the search tool in this forum.

I am sensing a merging of threads with this one being closed.

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They have already :blush:

Thank you for the information

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Aw, ■■■■■ here we go again. Telluria was nerfed once already, now she is not at all OP just an A+ tank and basically thats it. I dont even use her in any kind of offensive team, she rarely sees combat in war as an attacker. Stop the crying and use aour time and energy to find a way to beat her, its not that hard.


@Sarah2 is right in that it’s best to use the search tool to find answers before posting a question.
I think the majority of players understand your frustration, but the balancing has been done. However, it’s likely that minor tweaks will continue in future updates. But I doubt that Telluria will be downgraded to Slow

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I am nearly F2P and been playing for 1 year and a half. Just today got 2866 cups just hunting tellurias. She is a A+ tank but not unbeatable. Problem is the combo Grave Tellu Vela. But that is also beatable.


She was indeed nerfed already and she’s balanced now. But I do wish they had taken the nerf in another direction. If they had gotten rid of the negative mana regeneration altogether instead of just nerfing it they could have kept the heal and the beefier minions. Maybe that would have allowed for a different meta where she would have been flanked by Freya instead? I would prefer if people had to dig Grimble out to counter instead than to chase after Lady Loki or go with Zimkitha/Grazul (who take such devastating damage from Vela on a bad board).

Make Telluria worse and she dies, can’t really do it. She’s not strong at all with weaker companions. In the past when I had trouble with Kunchen his defense down could wreak havoc with almost any companions. Telluria’s ability to slow down the fight unfortunately allows the expensive fast and very fast heroes (often with level 30 mana troops) to really shine.

If someone just flanks Telluria with Aegir and Justice with crit troops she’s not very intimidating any longer.


I’d solve it with weekly raid tank color rotation. The element could be shown on the plate of the stronghold. It’s just annoying to hope for red tiles in 90% of all raids.


Going to close with the links provided above. Please reply there.

Actually, I’ll keep this open as those all turned toxic and are closed. But as stated earlier, a nerf has already been done.


I just continuously reroll when I see Telluria tanks until I find someone without a Telluria tank to attack.

-Written by someone with a Telluria tank with 18 emblems.


Can we all just move on already. When GM came out, he was a game changer but no one was screaming nerf! nerf! nerf!. Those who pulled, partied (and hard). Those who didn’t, learned and adapted. If you want a game that has no challenges and requires no strategy, then please go somewhere else.

*gets off of soapbox and puts megaphone down

Sorry, that has been building for a looooooonnnngggg time. Had to vent.


Tell can be killed with red tiles. Don’t nerf her, buff the red tiles when facing her. They all seem to disappear against her :grin:

I have killed tell with mono red, mono purple and mono yellow. It’s not that hard to be honest. She is just like any other top tank in the game


This is your response when someone says “please”? You thanked the person who gave you links, and then got rude with the person who agreed with her?

You want to talk about “tiring”? For many of us it’s people who won’t stop whining about Telluria. It’s people who ask for help or support and then sh!t on those who answer them. It’s people who insist on starting their very own rant threads about the same old topics that have been discussed for months.

If you’re really interested in finding a solution, do what people keep telling you to do and use the search function.

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Telly doesn’t need nerfed again, but we do need some love in the red department. I remember a major defense of Telly was that red heroes would be incoming to fight her. That proved to be for the birds. Where’s round 2 of balancing?