Please NERF Costumed Guardian Panther

You fielded a terrible team for war equalizer, plain and simple. There is one real hitter and two wizards whose class gets wasted because there are probably no buffs active to trigger them. That defense is a yellow and/or green stacks dream. Try fielding snipers with Xnolphod and G. panther wing and see if that happens again. You also want to switch G. Panther to the left in future wars because she overrides El Naddah’s special.

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I don’t have her costume but she doesn’t need a nerf. She is an offensive hero with an amazing skill. On defense she’s not that great and dies too easily.


Noooooo. My newly Loki loves to fight against her. And thats sshhhh alasie too

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If a hero needs to consider so many variables, especially knowing today’s meta is purple tank, Gpanther is NOT OP. Anywhere you place him, you can take yellow stack against him.

Remember when you place Telluria and Vela next to each other, and that was it. Isn’t the case here with Gpanther.


Now it’s released

Everyone’s got him (not me!)

No! He won’t be on defence!

And he is bonkers

And the game is out of control!

Maybe ‘we’ as players should be all ‘nerfed’ to our sensible pre-E&Pselves!


What? People wouldn’t bring yellow against C-G. Panther. They’d bring yellow for Xnostrils. CG Panther is just a double whammy for a yellow attack team.

It’s not about the position of C-G. Panther in particular, it’s about her position when paired with other heroes with similar abilities. The debuff she puts on would overwrite El Nad’s debuff (order of operations- in this case, order in which the AI fires the special). Which happens to also prevent buffs but in addition to preventing buffs she causes damage to any hero a buff would be attempted on, making it a full waste.

Telly, Vela huh? You placed them next to each other because Telly was an OP tank and Vela was an OP right Flank. You didn’t put Telly in a wing position and then Vela next to her. Or Telly in the flank and Vela in the Wing. You placed them that way because you had GM on the left flank.

Your comment makes me think you don’t fully read the hero cards to understand them and how to create synergies between heroes. Because there are plenty of variables. Such as Wizard classes needing buffs on the enemies to trigger the extra 15% damage and equalizer removing buffs, therefore quite a reduction in those wizard class procs.

@King_Kyree77 was 100% spot on.


You completely glossed over my assessment of your team and went right to pointless rambling about why you don’t want G. Panther adjusted. Don’t try to make a point if you really don’t want to discuss it.


The whole thread is about nerfing Gpanther… I am just stating the fact that Gpanther doesn’t need a nerf due to completely different scenario vs Telly and Vela.

Why don’t you show me a team with Gpanther which you think will require a nerf? lol

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as of this writing, my current raid defense, which features C. Guardian Panther on the left wing of a double formation, has won 9 defenses in a row, continuing the 5-0 streak that started overnight last night.

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  1. Disregard balance for offense hero
  2. But maintain balance for defense hero

Try not to be short-sighted and understand the long-term consequences:

  1. Raiding becomes boring.
  2. Everyone start scoring high in war. The game becomes stale…
  3. Players make videos winning in 6 tiles
  4. Player’s start making videos winning with 3 or even 2 heroes next…

Then what…? Make stronger OP defense heroes next?

  1. … the next portal outperforms the last. If there is no control of Super Creep, then after you spend $10,000 this year, it will be obsolete next year…!

The ecosystem of balance in this game should not completely disregard entire rosters…
No matter what role the new creep has…


It’s not I don’t regard offense. It’s because offense requires some luck. No matter how OP a hero is, you can’t guarantee you’ll get 7-tiles and ensuring you’ll get it in time before the opponent flanks/wing fires.

When you do get 7-tiles, there are already teams that can kill 3 or more opponents. With a combination of def down, elemental, etc.

I stated that if Panther costume has dispel, then warrants a nerf. But she doesn’t. So a simple taunt hero, dodge, reflect, damage mitigation, etc will block your skills.

She does hit slightly more but more heroes have beefier def and hp too! Also, her att rating is lower than some hit-all heroes.

Anyway, I already spent too much time on this thread. Doesn’t bother me at all, as I dont use purple on today’s war anyway.

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Then you were shown how dispel sits charged waiting for enemies buffs.
So you continue to ignore,
On the FAST hero: Buff Block > Dispel

I think the downplay posts are beginning to show an alternate agenda

But you only harm all the money you spend by endorsing such a rapid creep pace


Is a nerf in the works?

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Will be announced soon on the next update :roll_eyes::rofl:

Yep. She’s escaped into the wild from the SG DNA research lab ( oh sorry that was Jurassic Park)

I’m still holding on from a full opinion as I’m yet to come across her.

At this stage I don’t think she has fundamentally impacted the game making it undeniably harder for those who did not get her, or making it necessary to have certain heroes as a result of her being in the game. ( These are the main parameters for me for potential nerf)

Yes she will make some raids easier for people who get her, but we don’t see many yellow tanks now anyway.

Yes people who have her will score higher on titans.

Yes she may become a component of needed teams to get into top 1% for yellow mythic. But there are already some other heroes that are a strong component for top mythic titan scores anyway.

At this stage, I don’t think she needs a nerf


SG nerfs are based on defense performance

Panther isn’t good enough there

on attack, she is strong but not op as she NEEDS follow-up to finish the enemy (just like other hero combinations)

overall, she is similar to other powerful heroes no one seems to bat an eye on because they aren’t seen much on defense

i am saying this again, we have many more heroes in need of buffs than heroes who are requested to be nerfed

please create more serious buff topics rather than nerfs and spreading negativity


So why xenolpod isn lt nerffed yet? Its the mais base of all defenses on raids and wars. And it is a beast of a tank.

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The only nerf Xnolphod and mana batteries in general would need is to not make them gain mana from their own special skills.


I already have a purple team that is death in 6 tiles. Panther wouldn’t even get into it (and the base version I have didn’t either)

Her costume is brilliant no doubt but I’ve come across her a couple of times in raid defences and just not seeing it. She’s not tough enough.

And if you lose a raid with her in the D well you’d have lost it anyways so I don’t really see why she needs a nerf.

Very rare Offence heroes can be godlike for all I care. Leave this be.


xnolphod doesn’t need nerfs

he fully depends on the rest of his team and how good they are

telluria in her prime can cripple the entire team alone. the main reason she was a bit too strong is because there weren’t good red heroes at that time. now even telluria in her prime isn’t even an issue with so many great reds around including 4* and great other colours who can deal with her and prime vela.

too bad SG isn’t willing to buff them back again