Please NERF Costumed Guardian Panther

Am I the only person who think costume Kadilen is the most OP? Lol

yes , you are right , my math is week . that is why i ask . but , please , tell me what is 1.14 . i supose is 1.( 9 + 5 ) ?

your math is so daaamn awfuuuul bro.
9+5 is 13

well my math is worse than you anyway

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:smile: now i feel a litlle bit smarter …

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cry, cry, cry we can only cry, why those strong heroes will never touch us and if they touch us… they will nerf them why Empires loves us

There are no op heroes, it’s just the momentum of the game, like I said with new heroes, C Finley, c Panther and Khufu will eventually be left in the dust.

Hence why you never see c Finley and rarely in raids c Panther


C panther is still a lil squishy… I rarely see her on raids or war… But on offense… When you are having to nine tiles… She does alright. I presume… I don’t have her.


Totally agree with you