Please NERF Costumed Guardian Panther

I’m not sure why you’re directing this at me. I’ve stated very clearly at least twice that I’m opposed to a nerf.


She is fielding better defensive stats than 4 of my defensive heroes and they maintain 2600 cups on average.

Maybe without emblems and without lb but most will do both if they put her on defense…

Oh and this is how she compares with c lepus and he is certainly not “garbage” in defense


The point of his post was to try to get SG to nerf Costumed Panther before release. Now that he card is released his whole post should be taken down.


I know people have mocked you for your stance on gb c, which is wrong. But you do need some perspective. She is stronger than master lepus c in defense in every way and he is certainly not garbage.

I got super lucky in this battle. Even without edd 2 c gbs are just about enough to finish your whole team with the damage alone. Plus the massive edd - well worth the risk of putting a second hit all purple. And crippling your buffs on top of that! She is probably the most op hero in the game now

And those stats are not nearly as weak in defense as people are trying to say they are. Im guessing these ones were attack/health path


not really, Nyx is better but no one bats an eye on her because she is rare

with the upcoming heroes and costumes. panther will be normal

even right now, panther is very strong but not OP.
She doesn’t deserve to be nerfed, neither does Nyx


Disagree, what GP C does at fast is better than what Nyx does at 2nd charge.

And I am not talking about nerfs, I am just saying that she is super OP.


OP or not, nerf or not…we will survive as we did with Krampus, Ludwig etc where we had the same story. Sometimes nerf happens but in most cases all peoples wishlist of nerf X is replaced by nerf Y.

How many C-GP is need to kill entire team of S1 x2 costume?
Hope we can see some activity, to proactively nerf the upcoming x2 costume :wink:

Happy gaming

Hard to argue with that!
If the idea is to pull the brakes and let balance fly completely off the rails.

Then yes, leave the costume alone.
It will get nerfed naturally very soon.

I’ve went C.Panther hunting and so far I’ve yet to lose to her or cause of her. With a mono yellow team she dies with 3 tiles/shields. With a 3(yellow)-2(other color) team she’s at around 20%-30% hp with 3 tiles/shields. Heroes like Xnolphod and Ludwig are more annoying and dangerous since they could survive 3 tiles/shields with a mono yellow team. You brought up Master Lepus to compare with but they’re not from the same element. I prefer to compare heroes within the same element since most players prefer a rainbow set up on their defense team. In very fast alliance war and tournaments that’s another story; in those type of war and tournaments majority of heroes becomes deadly with a bad board. This is just my personal experience with battling C.Panther to see how good she is. She’s an amazing hero I wish I have but she’s definite not bothersome to deal with to me.

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I don’t even have the panther!! Let alone costume version lol

Don’t worry, she will get second costume. But you might not get it too.

The funny thing is I play competitive Warhammer 40,000 as well and they’ve just released the new season rules, unit points and mid-season balance update and I’m getting the cries of people with nerfed stuff in stereo now. Some armies have gone from top of the tree to mid-tier in a click of the fingers.

Releasing broken heroes/units/items is not limited to E&P. It happens in nearly every PVP game that exists where you buy the things you use. Card games, computer games, mobile games…that’s just how it works.

You just have to decide how much Dollar you are willing to waste jumping on the bandwagon for a bit. When the wagon crashes you either didn’t care and enjoyed the ride or you didn’t understand the rules of the wagon….


Right, because rather than be responsible and
pull-up on the reigns

This looks fun:


let’s all support that!

I hear the after care can be fun and you will never forget the whole event :rofl:
Then again… Im a woman who loves the crazy and dark minds :popcorn:

So did SG ever mentioned, when are they going to listen to players requesting nerf, like they always do, and nerf the panther? Asking for a friend… (so please don’t beat me up :smiley: )