Please NERF Costumed Guardian Panther

Yay i am the first who made nerf thread of c.panther :tada::tada::tada::tada:

reason for c.panther nerf:

fast speed with too awesome special skills, compared to easter bunnies, c.panther has got all the bunnies awesomeness plus another additional awesomeness except the negative self ailment.

so, please nerf c.panther.

anybody else want to add why c.panther should be nerfed… soon? write your complaint here.

note: mod, don’t delete this thread as it will come eventually (maybe). i just want to be the first asking for the nerf :rofl:

UPDATE: Now SG officially released c.panther as it is, let see if they nerf her like any other heroes as before, after people summoning her. if it happen again, then this will officially become SG “new” business model :grin:


Yes nerf it like how they nerf ckrampus. In the end nobody use the costume.



The speed of nerf is accelerating, now before release :blush::wink:

Happy gaming


Yo no la tengo pero me fastidia la gente que solo sabe pedir nerf. Seguro que si la tuvieras tu no lo pedirías. Enseñense a combatir en vez de llorar, y si pierden de vez en cuando tampoco pasa nada.


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cPanther + Ludwig + Killhare + … who cares?

i expect to see this combo quite a bit very soon.

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So soon …. Lol let’s see how this thread progresses

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Wow…already a petition to nerf a hero not yet available in the live version of our game!!
Who’s next, Kara costume who should be considering getting nerffed?
Even though the outfit is still at the designer atelier.

But seriously, maybe we should consider giving her a little chance before cutting her tail & ears :thinking:


I’d rather nerfs happen prior to release than after.


Seriously just when the nerf threads have begun to calm down a bit and we get some normality back around here.

This is a hero that isn’t even released yet, has plenty of counters and likely won’t be seen much on defence outside of no yellow tournaments.

Can we please stop with this nonsense.


I don’t think it’ll do much on her own. Maybe on offense, she can be a beast, but not so much on defense. We all thought Costume Finley needed a nerf, and look at him now. No nerfs and on paper, they seem really strong, but in the live game, they don’t do so hot. Let’s give it time and see how she does before people start declaring that she needs a nerf.

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Really lame to call for nerfs that will affect real players. Even if you play it off in a jokey fashion it is still a jerk move.

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Morel was nerfed prior to release… Yang mai was nerfed prior to release and then again after. Balance can be attainable prior to release…


SGG should embrace this and create an event/summons portal called Nerph of the Week. Given that it is a part of the game there may be an opportunity to increase gem sales with it. Beyond the “release chase hero to bolster revenues then later nerph the hero after a lot of money has been spent” model.
And add language to Thorne’s card that he has an innate ability “Immunity to nerphs.”

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we already have too many deadly heroes and combos. nerfing one in particular is pointless.

what is needed is to buff other heroes to be USABLE in today’s power. many are useless/garbage tier


Yep… And that’s what the soul exchange is for. Cut bait on magni… Because he will never be used and is just taking up a roster spot.

I used him in the tavern actually… But i accept that his day is done… And i have no regrets ascending him 3 years ago… But i have morel… So even if i get the costume… It won’t amount to anything.

The morel of this story is that hero power creep will leave some feeling blue.


I think SG should listen to players asking for nerfs and make sure their heroes get nerfed! And let the rest use versions, according to the release.


Take your star, dammit. That’s groan-inducing, so naturally, I’m envious.

Is it time to bring the “Nerf ducks” thread back to life? Because suddenly, there’s another Nerf thread… And honestly, i’m bored of hearing about calls for nerfs without any constructive concepts and advice.

Just to make clear my stance on this topic, I agree with Medail, Kilted, Photon and CaptainFurface. Calling for nerfs pre-release is just unecessary and petty. How can SGG or even us, the players, know the true vaiability without the wider public audience testing it?

I would also partially agree with Star150m’s comment in that, I think that it is natural for most gacha-style games to have power creep. It’s just how to keep the game exciting and compelling as it ages, and is honestly to be expected.

But people are WAY too quick to call for the Nerf-hammer, when actually, we SHOULD be thinking about BALANCE. Balance however, means that things should be fine tuned and tweaked and adjusted. This is a process that can take time to varying degrees, and it’s very difficult to get right to satisfy all parties, and takes a huge amount of time and energy to consider and implement carefully to not disrupt the existing ecosystems whilst still promoting the power creep.

To clarify, I agree that we need something to make the S1 heroes seem viable beyond the remit of they have a specific special skill that we need. Am I the person that can determine that? Nope… I don’t have metrics. Should we have more transparancy about the metrics? Yes. Hopefully the Q&A will help with that.

But simply saying “This is too strong!” does not do any favours to anyone, and next time, why not try coming up with ways that it could be changed? Rather than trying to score “internet points” for being “first”…

EDIT: I should also add, that unless you have hella resources banked and have everything else done… people are probably paying money to expedite the process to have the cool new heroes levelled the fastest (though, mostly in Ham/Iron etc.). This game is a marathon not a sprint. They’re making the risky decision to power level a hero in an insane amount of time (including with emblems / aethers etc.), and lets be honest, the people at the top are mostly those who are comfortable with the amount of money that they put in.

I’ve been there at least when I first started, and now, my spending has been going down substantially as I’m coming to terms with the marathon. Also, Sarmale put it much more eloquently than I did in another thread, so here’s the link!