Please need some advice on my team/heroes

Hi there, As a F2P I recently pulled Alasie and already have Grimm and Sir Lancelot maxed.
My other heroes are:

Kiril 1-1
LJ 3-60, Kashhrek 3-1
Chao 3-18, Li Xiu 1-1
Tiburtus 3-60, Cyprian 2-27
(no other 4* red).

I just need 1 more Telescope and 3 more capes to ascend Alasie to 80, as for the other colors I have 8 hidden blades, 10 shields, 11 orbs and 11 trap tools.
I’m thinking of ascending Tibs to 70 since I’ll probably replace Grimm with Alasie when I’ll take her to fourth ascension, anyways I need a healer and a dispeller. Should I try some green elemental pulls hoping for Melendor or Caed? Or perhaps red with Boldtusk is better?
Any suggestion is welcome.

Id max kiril…

And that’ll be your healer there…

And tc20 be good for f2p…
Event summon best to do.

Aside from bt, red limited in healers.

Think yellow viv great but that’s also 5*…

You may wait for guards event and try to get panther, falcon or jackal.

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You’ve got a great team going there, but yes, you need healers.

Kiril is an outstanding hero and you’ll want to bring him up, even with Alasie and Grimm - embrace the doubling and tripling of blue against red titans and tanks!

I would certainly bring Tibs up, he’s very good, and that gives you another maxed pulverizer if you really want to maintain a rainbow team.

Mel or Caed would both be an upgrade over your greens, so yes, I would start with green elemental pulls if I were you. The event pulls aren’t a bad idea - you could use depth in almost every color - but they do spread out the chances of you pulling what you need.

Boldtusk is awesome, but you already have Kiril, so I wouldn’t try for him just yet. He’ll come to you eventually.

Hi Gru,

How long have you been playing, just out of interest? Seems like you have a decent squad in the making.

I started on the 19th of December, so it’s 5 months of daily playing :slight_smile:

That’s good going, I’ve been playing for about half that and am just levelling my fourth 4*. So I can’t answer your question, but all the best with it!

Nice team. For a lot of gameplay a team made of the best of each color is pretty solid, but you will ultimately want to have multiple heroes of the same color for Titans, raids and map levels with only one color. The strong color does double damage so it often makes sense to bring multiple strong color heroes.

Kiril, Grimm, alasie on one team would be great, but boldtusk would give you some variety. You will eventually want boldtusk and melendor, but it’s hard to complain about kiril if you get the warm cape to spare. LJ has a nice attack stat, but otherwise his special is not that helpful so if your heroes, I’d look to upgrade green first… But you might get lucky with the event pulls, so it’s hard to say which is better

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