Please my question

This hero was full mana every turn when she was attacked, e.g attack 2 turn full mana 2 turn (mana speed) AND If my hero was continuos attacked (the same mana speed) for over 3 turn that made full mana.

That hero has fast mana for sure. She may also be affected by troops which may give even faster mana regeneration. Don’t get discouraged there are ways to kill her. I try not to attack her if possible until I can hit with some special’s to take her out.

Don’t forget that if she’s on defense, when you hit her with tiles, it charges her up faster. she gets mana for each tile that hits her. So if you have a big combo of tiles that hit her, she charges up quickly.


I never go at her unless Natalya is by my side

Please answer my question

This hero was used ability to remove buff and that not active for these enemy.
And than check ability to disable the hero abilty.(ability of all hero was disable active when used every turn to be use.