Please make real patch notes


@Petri @Rubikinga @mhalttu

Please… please… stop making all these stealth changes to the game without telling people. You’re making significant changes to the game and not even mentioning them…

You made a pretty big deal about talking about buff stacking and blind in 1.6. But you made huge changes to Caedmon and Sonya and their buff clearing ability. One of their STRONGEST good points was that they cleared buffs from opponents before damage was applied. Now they don’t… this is literally a game changer.

People with an attacker at low health knew they could blast an enemy hero with riposte and not take damage because the debuff would be wiped first. Now that hero dies.

“Well we never intended for it to work that way, so we fixed it.”

This is not an excuse. People invested ascension mats and lots of time / heroes into them, and no one was complaining that they were OP. 5* comparable heroes at level 70 were competitive, and had the potential to ascend to 80 where they are vastly superior. I’m not one of the people that complains when my heroes are nerfed, but at least have the decency to TELL people about the changes.

There is no defensible reason to not mention this in the patch notes. Literally the only excuse is “we forgot.” You do not want players to find out you forgot to mention yet another large change by losing a raid.

Literally every patch since I’ve been playing, you’ve sneaked in significant changes to mechanics and not said anything in the patch.


Agree, list all changes big and small rather than us discover them and wondeevif it is a bug or feature


I’ve been going over all the patch notes in game mail since last update. There is a very familiar trend happening. Seems every single hero that is to some degree popular gets nerfed in one of 2 ways. Its either a hidden deal, as done with caedmon and Sonya this time or an out and out double nerfing, as seen in boldtusk etc.

One common trend that is also there for all to see is only 3* 4* 5* have been nerfed since first patch before global release. How is it that 1* and 2* got created perfectly but 3* 4* 5* all get abilities taken away or downgraded?


I agree! How about you (Devs) play a game, invest time and money and then you think, somethings wrong. Only to read and learn from other players, that there was a change and the devs kept it from you ?

Its no big deal to tell us all the changes.


Fair comments. We don’t intentionally make stealth changes to hero balancing when we release a new update. Starting today, we’ve improved the process for writing release notes, and I believe we can do better in the future.


Sounds really good. Thank you for that!


Great news. Also big ups for you and other staff being more present in the forum lately. :sparkles:


Just updated the game to version 1.6.3. Can we have release notes please?

Quote from Petri “One note: in version 1.6.2 we are going to make a fix where you still get the mana even if your troop misses.”

Is this implemented?


This was the comment on the version released today:

Detailed notes please! goes looking on the forum