Please make Fafnir a hero

It’s all in the title. I love the design, And he doesn’t look like any hero already in existence. Stats ands specs up to the team. I just want to adopt a Fafnir and up him into a frightfully cute sort of ugly pet to put him in a purple mono team… Please.
Special attack: poisonous lick. The drool is toxic, hence the poison damage. Please.

I have to ask. I don’t recognize the name. Who is this?

Season 3 boss enemy, one of the two that takes up the screen and not flanked by mobs (the other being the Forest Troll). I am actually a little surprised that SGG didn’t make its avatar available for acquisition as the Forest Troll was.

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Is fafnir the purple Jabba the Hutt from season 3?

That would be a crazy funny looking hero to see on a defense team… :smile:

can anyone grab a photo/screenshot of one? I don’t remember what it looks like, nor remember the name.

Not playing through the board but this is the fafnir.


ohhh wow, long time ago I guess. I have done all other Provinces on easy and hard since, so it’s easy to forget but thanks. I still don’t remember it to be fair lol. I don’t pay much attention unless it’s an already playable/recognizable hero, I think.

Here you go SG& community :slight_smile:

I introduce you all : Fafnir // ‘‘Stinky’’ if you wanna call him by his cute name :slight_smile:

Talent : Wizard

Stats remains similar to the picture.
Special : Corrosive breath ( average speed)
Applies corrosive breath to target and nearby enemies dealing 244 poison dmg over 3 turns.
1 turn : reduces defense of target and nearby enemies by 34 for 3 turns
2 turn : apllies second effect, reducing all affected 34% mana generation for 2 turns
3 turn : at the end of their turn, targets explodes from within, dealing 240% dmg to all affected enemies. This effect cant be dispelled.


I thought you were talking about this guy:


I’m sure some people recognize him.

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You got my vote… Just look at the details of his design​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Yes, that’s the one, I should have included a picture of him from the start. Isn’t he the cutest abomination? :heart_eyes:

Interesting. but if they do, they will most likely make him slow (like Oberon) since he deals damage and poison to all enemies

Apt description. Lol.

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