Please make an are u sure button when selecting defence team

Every now and then i push the defence team button … when i push now i mostly notice it immediately and can select the right defence team. But when i push then i don’t notice it until i am fallen a couple of cups…

How difficult can it be to make an are u sure button…

I think more people are doing this :smiley:

Did you mean this to be a feature request, or just a topic of conversation?

Both. If i’m the only one who has problems with this, it is not a problem and the button isn’t needed. :smiley:

If everyone wants the button and it’s never been asked before then yes it will be asking for :slight_smile:

Fair enough.

I hit it by accident yesterday, and caught it right away. I don’t do that often, but I also noticed it’s possible to do it quite easily without noticing.

So I think it’d be a worthwhile fix.

I’m turning this into a post in #ideas-feature-requests so people can vote on it. :slight_smile:

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YES, this does happen to me now and then. Sometimes i notice it right away and other times I don’t.

An are you sure pop is a valid request and you have my vote si as I am out of votes here is a . :+1:

A couple of hundreds :grin:

Yes, good request.

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