Please let us use alpha reset on 3* and 4*

I see no reason why this is limited to 5* only?

Personally, when limit break was first introduced, I had mostly 4* heroes in my main teams, so naturally I spent aethers on those. But now I was looking forward to retiring some of the ones I don’t use anymore, but I can’t.

Also, seems like a lot of players generally have the strategy of using alpha aethers on 3* and 4*, to get multiple heroes up instead, I do it too, we should be allowed to reset.

I think I’m ok with it being as it is, but I’m also potentially an outlier in that I think they should only be able to be used on heroes that have been nerfed as opposed to where we’ve changed our mind and regret breaking the hero.

We don’t have a unascend token, for regretting leveling and I don’t think there should be one for LB either.

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These aethers were specifically for those who got legendary heroes that were affected by a nerf. I totally understand it being 5* only.


I perfectly understand why only 5* but there are some other hero’s that are nerfed as well since introducing the LB

They dont have money from this you can forget :sweat_smile:
Still you dont known who you as ? Its SG team , they only see money :rofl::rofl::rofl: