Please let me FEED a 2/3* that has emblems

So I was 1 of the ones that leveled 2* for the tournament and because it cost so little I stuck 1 emblem on each 1. Well now I have been getting more 4 & 5* and I want the space back and I thought they would make good feeders/trainers. I should have the choice to feed them if I want! I am also getting to the point where i wanted to get rid of some 3s that i just stuck in a pt.
I would never of done it if I knew I could not even feed them later… Definitely should at least come with a warning!

Remove the emblems then eat up


What @Rigs said

This is a feature not a bug


Reset tokens are quite rare no more on trails! Maybe there be some in the Christmas deals?
Choose who you emblem wisely! I don’t emblem my 3* as finshing 1st doesn’t bother me in tournament! Made it to top 5% I was shocked!
Just use your judgement better in the future!

I am free to play so using gems to remove 1 emblem off of the many 2 and 3 * that I did that too is a bit much. Even a ptw player should not have to do that. We have a lock feature we really dont need that safe guard.

Unfortunately we do…

The risk of removing that feature and effecting a bunch of players outweighs the reward of removing the feature for 1 player

Even with the lock feature, players still accidentally eat heroes


I chose what i wanted to do at the time iam ok with loosing the emblems i put on the hero’s. I want to feed them or even delete them please.

Well at least make up a pop up window that give us the choice to unlock that feature.
Also I had no idea! it did not tell me once i put on a emblem i loose the abilty to feed them.

I agree.

This is even more dangerous with a X*+b18 base hero with a X c1.1 costume outfit.

It is very easy to confuse which X c1.1 costume outfit is attached to which base hero.

Did you just try to use a
fighter Boldtusk 4* b1.1 / monk 4* c1.1
or a
fighter Boldtusk 4*+b18 / monk 4* c1.1
to level your Rudolph?


They could make a special color border around your heros that have costumes.

I do understand the point of the feature but some how some way i should have the “ability” to feed my hero to another even if they have a emblem.

If you get votes it will be considered. If you don’t then there you go. Let the forum decide…

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That part would be a decent compromise i believe

Pop up window explaining the feed situation the first time a player uses emblems on a hero, would be helpful and i suppose easy to implement for devs

Though I’m not a dev so wth do i know lol

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I spent a month leveling every 2* hero in the game to max and giving them 1 talent. Now that you have taken away the tournament you gifted me a single reset emblem. So now I have the fully maxed 2* heroes that I can’t even feed to my higher leveled heroes. Please either send more reset tokens so I can remove talents from all of these heroes, or remove this restriction for 2* and lower heroes so I can re-claim these slots in my roster.


To be fair they should just make reclaiming emblems free for 1 and 2* heroes. That would solve so much of the current issues and also make it less punishing for new players that thought emblemming them was a good idea.


Is this the same suggestion?

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Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:


I agree. This would solve my problem. They should change their lock formula to X+2 instead of X+1.

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